Tuesday, August 26, 2014



* The worldly, self-seeking, immoral atmosphere of Vegas for the "backward," homespun, wholesome atmosphere of central Nebraska

* A big, modern, in-town house for a small antique farmhouse

* A 5 minute drive to any store you could want for a 15 minute bike ride to a tiny town that might have a general store and a gas station; or a 15 minute drive to a bigger town with a real grocery store and a coffee shop; or a 30 minute drive to a small city with everything you could want

* Central air conditioning for green trees and breezes

* A pool table in the dining room for two big, lush maple trees outside the front door

* A swimming pool in the back yard for a babbling brook down a forest path

* Easy internet service for hammocks and play houses and forts

* No weather at all (save extreme heat) for every kind of weather known to man -- and lots of it

* No seasons for four distinct seasons

* No family and only a couple friends anywhere nearby for family and friends galore close by

 -- We're more than ready to kick the dust of the old off our flip flops!  The only thing we're "fighting" is fitting all our stuff in boxes and getting ourselves out of the old and into the new!  Something we are doing with songs in our hearts!

Everyone is working double-time trying to get the whole house packed and cleaned in time to be able to leave together in two U-Hauls (pulling one car and the pop up on dollies) and the SUV stuffed with children -- on Friday.  Not sure if we can actually pull it off, though.  It's possible we'll split up, with one truck and the SUV leaving Friday and another contingent staying to finish cleaning over the weekend and leaving with the second truck early next week.  Regardless, we are on our way!  Woohoo!  Beautiful, "Backward," Homespun Nebraska, here we come!

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anne said...

So....are you there yet?