Tuesday, August 5, 2014

31 Days of Fun: Day 5 -- Painting Toenails

Doesn't matter how old you are or if you're a boy or girl -- there's fun to be had on a pedicure night. 

 No, really!  Check it out!  We would never expect the boys to get involved -- and wouldn't encourage them to paint their own toenails (there is a limit, ya know!) -- but our little guy, William, watching us at work, was anxious to be part of the action.  And why not?  Painting toenails with teeny little brushes is a great hand-eye coordination task, particularly good small motor coordination practice, and sweet encouragement of service to his sister... How could we tell him he couldn't join us?  Word is that his big brother, a Marines officer, painted the toenails of his nine-months-pregnant wife; and if Paul will do it, it must be OK, right?

So, we gave William careful instructions, situating Theresa's feet over a towel in case of spillage -- and William listened carefully, promising to go slow and be careful. No problem. We thought it was going to be simple and easy until he started in on his first toe and asked, "Do I have to just cover it up with one color or can I make designs?"

We had him stick to one color.  This time, anyway.

You'll note how we had Theresa hold the bottle... Much safer than the little guy holding it.

If you have a mixed group of youngin's that aren't necessarily interested in painting toenails, though, there are a few other fun things to do with fingernail polish. Especially if you've got some polish that you've decided were a better idea in the bottle than on your fingernails.

Aren't these cool?  Check out this Youtube tutorial showing how to make designs made with wire, glue, and polish.We are so doing this!

You can also paint little rocks with nail polish, making little lady bugs, beetles, graphic designs -- or whatever you can think of that requires bright shiny colors...  Or you could make nail-polish-painted bottle cap magnets like these:

Instructions here.

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