Sunday, August 10, 2014

31 Days of Fun: Playing Cards

The card game of choice during the family reunion in June:  Extreme Crazy 8s!  

1) Follow the basic rules for Crazy 8s, as found here  
(The kids do some kind of variation using Jacks and Jokers -- but I'm at a loss to explain that one...  Just plain ole' Crazy Eights works fine.)

2) Then, make it extreme by adding "stakes."
Before each game, the kids choose some kind of crazy penalty for the losing players.  At first, we thought they were just getting a little loopy, the crazy shenanigans that were going on around here:  Groups of young adults skipping to the corner gas station yelling, "We're out of milk!" People eating mouths full of maraschino cherries -- with the stems.  Girls playing cards with golf balls in their mouths.  Children barking outside our bedroom door.  You get the idea. Silly things! As long as you make sure it doesn't get out of hand and no dangerous or scandalous stakes are set,  playing it "extreme"  makes Crazy 8s a good deal more interesting.  Even for those people who aren't playing!

For some reason, they liked playing it in this corner of the billiards room; I have no idea why...  (L-R: Theresa under the pool table, Kevin, Frater Philip, and  adopted brother, Omar)

And now, just for fun --
 a couple silly internet Quiz Thingies

(These were my results, but you can hit the link to go take the quiz, too!)

You Are Bridge
You are a thoughtful and conscientious person. In fact, you're a bit of a brainiac.
You get a real thrill from mastering difficult tasks. You get bored if you aren't being challenged.

You are competitive, but you aren't a sore loser. You take a rational approach to competition.
You work hard, and you're persistent. You don't expect to be a natural at anything.
You Are Spades
You love living life on your own terms. Independence is very important to you.
Whenever possible, you try to do things yourself. You want all the credit for your accomplishments.

You enjoy working hard, but you enjoy the paycheck at the end even more.
You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.

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