Monday, August 11, 2014

31 Days of Fun: Playing with Rubber Bands

One thing to do with rubber bands:
(Michelle, you silly!)

But, we don't recommend it.

It's more fun to figure out rubber band tricks like this one:

Or loop up a bunch of rubber bands to make a Chinese Jump Rope!

The girls (L-R: Theresa, Cathy, Anna) proving that you can do anything in a skirt -- even a really long one!  (Our friends, the teaching Sisters know this!)

* A good U-Tube tutorial for some of the basic Chinese Jump rope instructions can be found here.
* Or a written-out version can be found here.
How to loop the rubber bands.  This is the fancy way -- but you can also make a single loop chain, which works just as well.  Put one rubber band through the middle of another, fold it in half, and pull one half of that rubber band through the other half; continue doing this until you have a chain approximately 4 feet long.  Tie the ends together tightly, and voila!  A low end, but perfectly functional Chinese jump rope!

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