Thursday, August 7, 2014

31 Days of Fun: 7th Day -- Making Faces

Bought a package of face paints and  gave them to the children this afternoon with instructions to kindly keep the paint on their faces -- and not their clothes, or the walls, or  the furniture..

Here's what they came up with:

Gabe:  Didn't let the paint near him.  Wanted no part of it.  Had better things to do.

William:  Seeing the bunny face on the cover of the face paint ideas book, he only agreed to let Theresa paint something,if it was indisputably "he-man."

Anna:  Everyone really wanted William to be a mime (I mean BE a mime), but he wouldn't do it.  So Anna did.

Theresa: The artist of everyone else's face, Theresa had Cathy paint her as Princes Amidala (Star Wars)

Cathy:  Her choice took the longest to paint and was, by far, the creepiest. 

Oh my goodness, Catherine!

A palate cleansing photo may be in order now.
Cathy as her usual self; she cleans up pretty well.

And, now... Last but not least: what Gabriel accomplished while his sisters wasted their afternoon painting their faces.  (Ugh.  Girls!)

This little wagon, made out of two empty cans, two skewers, a grocery store box, some duct tape, and a bit of rope will help Gabe bring the mail home from the post box if there's too much too carry.  He spent his afternoon making something useful out of recycled materials.  While his sisters...  well... It's just too embarassing to...  um...  try to explain.  Seriously. Girls!  What are you going to do about them?

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