Wednesday, August 20, 2014

31 Days of Fun: Breaking Camp!

Go ahead and say it.  Again?

Yes, again!  And we're all very happy about it, as Dan's accepted a job: 1)  that he will enjoy and that will pay well, 2)  somewhere closer to a goodly number of family members, 3) very close to one family member* whom we will love seeing more often,  4)  somewhere with trees and lawns  5) that has fall and winter, spring and summer, 6) has a more accessible cost of living, and most especially, 7) it's not Las Vegas!

Where are we going this time, you ask?  This time around, and hopefully for a longer period of time, we'll be testing out the climes in...

Omaha, Nebraska!

It'll be a quick turn-around; Dan's first day on the job is on the birthday of the Blessed Mother --
certainly a good day to begin any enterprise!  But that doesn't leave us much time to make the whole move happen.  We only have 19 days to go, a whole house to pack and clean, a new rental to find, and 1,284.7 miles to drive two trucks, pulling two car dollies transporting 8 people (not counting the misc. Big Kids who'll come to help), two cats, and a little dog.

(Aren't you glad this isn't you?)

 So, we're going to be a little busy.  It's possible I'll get the time to post some random pictures and updates. I'll try, anyhow, for the benefit of family members who are scratching their heads in wonder....

That same wonder which begets the question -- because I'm sure it's hanging out there -- so I'll just answer it:  No, we're not crazy.  We don't have some obsessive form of wanderlust.  And we're not being kicked out of every town we try living in.  We're just trying to do God's will, one step at a time.  And His will for us seems rather, uh... complicated  adventurous!

And we'll be fine.  We're getting really pretty darn good at this moving thing.

But, please, if you think of it, we'd appreciate any prayers offered for the safety of our journeys!
And, we'll try to get our new address out in time for Christmas cards!

* That would be Frater Philip -- and of course all of his Seminarian and priestly brethren of whom we are rather fond.


Anne P said...

Ok.. I have to accept that you won't be moving here.. Bummer.. but, I am sure youll be quite happy, and the chapel there will be gaining a great family! God bless you all, and you will be in our prayers!

Lisa said...

Aww.. Thanks, Ann! I'll e-mail you! Hang on...

Mama to much! said...

I'm so excited, I can't even contain myself!!!!!

Blessings each day said...

So happy you will be happy. You are moving to my sweet mother's State. Every summer (as a young girl) we went to Bloomfield, NE, town of 1000 at its' peak! Mario and I also drove from Alaska down through Nebraska and hit one of the worst snowstorms ever!!!

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Delena said...

You're getting CLOSER to Kansas City! :-)

Husband and I are actually saving up each month to take a little trip for our 10 year anniversary next August. We chose to go to Omaha because we have never been. You'll have to scout it out for me and let me know all the great places to hit for a couple out by themselves for the first time without their five children! I won't even know what to do! :-)