Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Reminiscing...

1,967 posts since my very first day blogging, in August, 2007!
(Counting down to 2000 posts!)

Proof From the Archives:

Happy 20thy Birthday, Paul! Sept 2007
An awful lot of blessings in Paul's life since 2007!
Christmas, 2011

Opinions Needed,  Oct 2008
Kevvy, just as silly as ever... But embarking on all kinds of
exciting career opportunities these days.  He deserves a
blog post all his own sometime soon!
Feast of St. Christopher, July 2012

My Big Boys: Focus on Jonathan Charles, Oct 2007

Still our Jon, still the artist, musician, & child-whisperer, but  there's 
more to this young man's depths now than ever...
Formerly Jonathan Charles... May 2012

Angel - 1: Mountain -0, Oct 2008

Happy Life Changes for Dominic in the last five years or so...
Birthday Boy: Br. Pius Maria, Sept 2011
(Note: Dominic is currently studying at the seminary
as a secular, not a Religious, due to recovering health,
so he's going by "Dominic" again --
 'til further notice, anyway...


To Michelle, From Mom, June 2008
Shelly/Chicky/Michelle -- still sweet, funny, and now a H.S. graduate! A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words, May 2012

How To Catch A Prairie Faerie, April 2008
Theresa, sweet and smart as ever -- but don't mess with her!
Seven: Woke Up This Morning, Feb 2012

Cathy! One-armed push ups, Oct 2008
Cathy, as athletic as ever, and now a first-class cook, as well~
Seven... Care Package Day, Feb 2012

Little Girls and Tornadoes June 2008

Anna, still a nut -- and "butuflu," too...
Seven Not Very Quick Takes, Nov 2011

Gabe Goes to College,  Sept 2007
Gabe nowadays, still my little man...
What Would You Do? July 2012

The Terrorist, Sept 2007
(Found the following and just had to repost it, too....)

Most people call them worms,
But we liked Toddler William's name for them better.  Wiggly Digglies.  (heehee!)
He's still sweet -- and creative.  And still a Terrorist...
In Trouble,  January 2013

(Thirty-one posts to go after this one!)

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auntie said...

I love your kids! and I feel as if I would know them if I ever met them on the street. Bless you and your hubby for raising them into the fine young men and women that they are today.