Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Opinions Needed

There comes a time in every mom's life when she just has to surrender to the fact that her sons will strike out on their own.


It's inevitable.

And so it has happened with all four of my eldest children. My sweet little guys in their velcro sneakers and batman pajamas are growing up and looking for their own "styles." Which is not a bad thing, so long as they seek their independence in facial hair and not in tattooing their whole bodies, or piercing their tongues, or becoming Marxist.

In point of fact, you can see from the first picture below that our son, Kevin (19), has somewhat mastered the technique of growing facial hair. See that fluff? But he's not sure he's satisfied with just a puff of fluff and gave me permission to ask for opinions on a few other looks he's considering. Works for me! Maybe we can effect a positive change here!

What do you think? Which lip-and-chin-do is best?

As he is:

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3
Option #4
Option #5

*Photoshopping courtesy of son, Dominic (15), who says it was totally his pleasure.

Now make sure and run over to Shannon's for lots of fun tips, ideas, and inspirations.


Brittany said...

For a guy his age I personally like #5. The one with no hair. Otherwise I like the goatee.

Sarah said...

Not a huge facial hair fan, myself. Maybe as is, or #5. Whatever he picks, I'd recommend keeping it well trimmed. Neatly trimmed always looks better.

Eileen said...

He's gonna hate me, but with such a handsome face, why would he want to hide behind a scruff of hair?

(Wow, that made me sound like the old lady at the hairdresser's, didn't it??? At least I didn't pinch his cheek!!!) :D

GrandmaK said...

Can you believe that I would have a COMMENT? I have a husband and three sons...Ron only grew a mustache once when we were in the army and because it was too much work he shaved it off. The three boys at one time or another have attempted to grow their "facial hair." Because of their Native American genes (inherited on both sides of the family) it is patchy at best...They all decided to give it up! As for your son, perhaps he too should find out for himself. I certainly had no opinion that counted with my boys! The "girls" had the last say! So there you go! Have a grand evening and God Bless! Cathy

Mom2fur said...

I like the third one. In the first, the mustache reminds me of Ollie from Laurel & Hardy!

Bia said...

#4, but he has to dye his eyebrows. Yup, definitely #4.

Bia said...

Okay. I was totally fibbing. #5.

Ranee said...

Clean shaven, is that #5?

Laura said...

....same thing I would say to my nephews.

Marie said...

Option 5!...I dont like facial hair and as for tattoo's I hate the look ackkkk!...And studs and things...All I can say is thank goodness I grew up CHICKEN bkkk bkkkk! *scratches the ground* bkkk bkkk! LOL! And besides when I was younger it wasn't the rage lol.

Peace & JOY to you Lisa:)

Marie xooxoxooxo

Lisa said...

LOL! I agree with you guys ~ that was my point exactly ~ Clean Shaven, all the way! Though, if I had to choose, a neatly trimmed version of #3 would be ok, I guess.

Thanks so much for the input; I will definitely be passing this along!

Mama to much! said...

#2 makes him look so much like Dan, imo...and #3 just says "Lock me up Mom and keep the girls away"! So, let's go with #5 and hope he does not pull the "But Mom, Jesus had long hair and a beard!" hheeee

Robyn said...

Good job, Dominic! I like #5, but "as he is" looks okay too. As a young girl, I was turned off by any facial hair, though. I think he'd probably be surprised to know how many girls his age actually like a smooth face.

Kaila said...

Hmm....I like number 5 personally. But since he wants to "grow out" his facial hair maybe 2 or 3?

amblin said...

#3 if he feels the need for facial hair!