Saturday, October 11, 2008


My older brother just called me to straighten something out.

It seems he was having a conversation with my mom this morning (we can only guess how it came up...) about how when she was pregnant with him, there was one particular spot in her womb that he kicked until it was sore.

Then, Mom says, I came next and constantly kicked her in the exact same spot. She's sure that when he was there, my brother, Steve, scribbled some graffitti on the walls, to the effect of: KICK HERE.

Steve told my mom: "No, it was not Kick here, it was Kilroy was here."

He called me this morning to verify.

I told him I must have read it wrong ~ but then, my reading skills were not good at the time.

He understood. "That's ok," he said, "My writing skills weren't great, either."

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Marie said...

LOL Lisa you are a BLAST!!!!

Isn't strange my mother told me that she LOVED and craved watermelon I HATE watermelon!!!!

LOL & Kick me graffiti hahahhahhah!!!!

With love and laughter

Marie xooxoxox