Sunday, October 26, 2008

Punkin Patch Afternoon

We've been making the trip to this punkin patch north of Boulder, Colorado since our big boys were quite little boys. That's around fifteen years! Sheesh. That makes me feel very old. But, I'm glad to see this family farm is still thriving after all these years!

So, anyway, here we are on a beautiful, cool Sunday afternoon.

Gotta get a little mugging in first. How about a quick shot of William making a Jack-o-lantern smile for the camera...
And then we're off on the hunt! Everyone go pick your own pumpkin!
What have you got there, Cathy?

Ah, yes. That one's big enough. That one ought to be loaded with pumpkin seeds for ya.

Just your size, Yuyum! That one has a nice round shape, Theresa.And that one looks good, too, Anna. But, do you spot a better one over yonder? Or ~ whatcha lookin' at? What is that?! He's got a what?!
YIKES, Gabe! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! You're s'posed to be hunting pumpkins!

(It was a deceased garter snake. See how unconcerned Gabey looks? A real he-man in the making here...)


Bia said...

Okay, BIG relief over here to hear that cute, little Gabe is holding a deceased garter snake . . .

Laura said...

Oh Lisa, this looks like a delightful day.
Great pictures.

Memarie Lane said...

wow are you generous. we make our kids pick one to share.

Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

:) Thanks for the smiles! I grew my pumpkins this year...but still had to go to the local pumpkin patch to take pictures. :)

Michelle at Sleepy Cat Hollow