Thursday, October 23, 2008

If I only had about $70 just lying around...

Aren't these adorable?
I can think of a million ways to use thse cute little acorns!

* $36 from Williams Sonoma

And wouldn't it be fun to decorate a loaf of pumpkin bread made in this pan?

* $29.99 and also from, who else? Williams Sonoma

=sigh= I don't know if I have $70 worth of creativity to make up for the lack of these pans ...

But, then. Gosh. Pans vs. Food to Go in the Pans. I guess we'll just have to eat plain, square bread and round muffins.

Oh, bother.


Laura said...

Oh. If you do come up with something to take the place of these pans, would you let me know? Otherwise, I think I'm agoing to to make a purchase. :)
(No I shouldn't spend money that way.)

Memarie Lane said...

the williams sonoma catalog gets me every time. i love their christmas stuff.