Monday, October 20, 2008

Notes from the backseat...

I just got back from returning three of our oldest boys back to school in Omaha, and I miss them already. We had a great week, though. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed being together, through all the work-while-playing and play while-working. Somehow, in spite of many odd corners of goofy weirdness, we managed to get an amazing amount done this past week.

We had a lengthy prepping-for-winter work list
we were able to check off, thanks to the boys' strong backs and willing attitudes.

The Guys:

*Fixed the garage door so Bella (such a sneaky doggy!) can't go in and steal all our tools and hide them all over the property.
*Mended some gates and repaired the close-in fences
*Detached our washing machine from the ineffective "french drain" (that used to freeze every winter) and dug down to the septic to properly attach the washer drain to the septic system. (Oh, happy day!)
* Dug up the back-twenty water hydrant that someone-who-shall-remain-nameless hit with the truck some time back, repaired the underground piping,and replaced the hydrant.
*Rebuilt the mudroom-turned-Mom's-study doorjamb, painted and installed a new, door. (Wahoo!)
* Finished roofing the new boiler room roof.

And we got some general health and well-being housekeeping done for the big boys while they were home:

* Chiropractor appointments on four different days (With all that digging, it was a very good thing, too!)

* Dentist appointments

* Shoe-shopping (I declare, I buy these guys shoes every time I see them! I think they have teeth in their toes!)

This past Saturday, to get a rest (HA!) from all the hard work, we went on a mountain hike, complete with picnic. (Curried chicken salad in wraps, potato salad, chips and dip, applesauce bread, choco-mint brownies and applie cider, in case you wondered...)

But, best of all, we got to celebrate two very important events this week:

*Paul's 21st birthday ~ with two different family-sponsored birthday parties marking that momentous event! (Cajun Gumbo, salad, french bread and boughten cake for the family-specific party, hamburgers, potato salad, chips, and chocolate Southern Trifle for the world-at-large party, in case you wondered...)

*Catherine's First Holy Communion ~

with the all-important cake and celebration after Mass yesterday!

We're all so proud of Cathy! She worked so hard to be ready, we know she had prepared a beautiful garden in her heart for Jesus to visit. I'm so glad all her brothers were here to celebrate this important occasion with her!

It really was all so wonderful ~ the laughing and joking and tickling and singing and piano playing and unidentifiable noises and giggling to all hours of the night and wall-to-wall people, and sheets and blankets everywhere and shoes in the middle of the floor and dirty socks in between the couch cushions and sixteen dozen pairs of jeans to wash and cooking and cleaning and cooking... and, um, did I already say cooking?

Let me tell ya ~ I'm exhausted.

Not that I mind. Did I sound just now like I minded? Nah, I didn't mind a bit of it. (Really!)And I don't mind being exhausted in the wake of it all. But, I think I may just. sit. down. for a week or so...

(Maybe even here at the computer a bit. I have some more pictures and a couple of thoughts I want to share...)


Joannof10 said...

I am so glad to hear about your wonderful week with all the family!
Have a good recovery!;-)

Marie said...

In my family both my father and brother are Tim the Toolmen lol.

I remember years ago when they built a ten foot back fence and I could see that they had not penetrated the ground enough so Marie says, 'you know the first puff of wind and that is gonna fall down.' I got back 'oh you are SO Negative' and yes! A wind came along and before our eyes it fell down..I ROARED with laughter...My Father and Brother swear it was my negative 'vibes'...yea right! LOL!

Peace to you Lisa:)

Marie xooxoxoxoxox

Laura said...

Wow...what a great visit. Catherine looks beautiful in her dress.

Paz123 said...

Nice post….. Catherine is looking pretty in her beautiful white dress.