Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Would You Do?

Posted on the little boys' bedroom door yesterday afternoon:

Would you take a peek if you passed this sign?

Gabe, most comfortable
in a shirt and tie...
We have two little boys, ages six and eight.  Gabe, the bigger brother, is an early bird, neat as a pin, very anxious that things are orderly and under control.  William, the baby of the family, would sleep 'til noon if we let him, is a complete slob and is the mastermind of most of the disorder, chaos, and silliness in our house.  Of course, these two opposites share a room together -- which is good and bad.  As you would guess, William drives Gabe crazy with his mess; Gabe drives William crazy with his persnicketiness.  But, the two together, if you can stand the constant verbal "adjustments" going on all the time, actually manage to keep things right about level.  William lightens up Gabe's structure; Gabe tones down Williams exuberance.  Their room fluctuates between bedlam and Good Housekeeping, but usually ends up tolerable.  It's all good.  And how God intended, I have no doubt.

William, most comfortable
with Minions...
We've often marveled at how, given complete control over the spacing and kid-choice in our family, God has, in His wisdom and goodness, arranged our children in such perfect juxtapositions.  It's no accident that structured, disciplined Paul was placed right next to happy-go-lucky Kevin, who is inspired by creative, but moody Jon, who is moderated by level-headed, fun-loving Dominic.  Carefree Michelle enjoys Dominic's zany side, but is tempered by his common sense at the same time Michelle provides a good foil for Theresa's studiousness and philisophical bent, while Cathy's practical, no-nonsense ways shore up serious Theresa and Zany Anna, who brings up the rear of the "girl block," setting the stage for the little boys -- who haven't got a chance of straying too far with so many big brothers and sisters intent on them shaping up properly. (Deep breath.)

But, do you see the perfect poetry in God's plan?  It tickles my heart to see it in action.  Given proper encouragement and understanding of their roles toward one another, everyone thrives with the influence of every other sibling.  Though it's not always easy to remember that's what's going on...  The children know God gave each to other(s) as a gift -- and sometimes a challenge.  Sometimes it's a real pain in the small picture...  but in the big picture, it is a very good thing. 

So, would you have opened the door?
Were you wondering if I peeked?

You bet I did!

And this is how it looked:
I have totally seen worse.  But Gabe expected better.  God bless him.
But, having a little of William in me, I can't help but look at the tableau  of play here
and understand why William wasn't ready to clean up yet.  Seriously.  T-Rex against
two pirate ships and a couple dozen army guys?  Ya gotta wonder how that one came out.


auntie said...

That is spotless! Imagine all my five boys in one little tiny room. Number 1 and 5 are like your Gabe. Number 2 and 4 make William look like Better Homes and Gardens and Number 3 doesn't give a rip one way or the other. Their rooms was constant mess and chaos and the two neat-freaks should have grown up with mental issues. Got to love God's plan!

Therese said...

I think if Christopher and Joseph ever share a room, it will be much the same as Gave and Will.

Oh and I would definitely look in a room that I was told not to.