Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping Out

Cathy and Anna tried out Gabe's tent for him last night.

Heaven knows, they had enough bedding and pillows in there to make it comfortable -- and as far as I know, the only critters prowling around here at night (besides mosquitoes) are cats, dogs, and the possible sibling lying in wait to scare backyard campers...

Dan, Dominic, and Gabe are heading out for the annual Knights of the Altar Boys' Camp this weekend.  They always come back in high spirits and (ahem) high aroma -- and we girls are a little bit jealous of their week in the wilderness.  Jealous with reservations, I should say.  

We're all about the moon and the stars and the scenery and the fresh air -- but none of us is really comfortable with the wild part of wilderness...  I mean, seriously: there may really be raccoons, and hedgehogs, and skunks, and snakes, and bears - and maybe even tsi-tsi flies away up on the mountain tops at the Knights of the Altar campsite....  And, the way we look at it, we girls 'd be like bonbons to a bear. 

 But we aren't worried about the boys; if we were a raccoon or a hedgehog or a skunk or a snake or a bear we'd stay as far away from those dozens and dozens of unwashed feet as we could possibly get.  We don't think the boys are in any danger.

Just sayin.

Us  We girls are going to be just as happy as we can be in our comfortable, critter-safe, insect-free beds under the swamp cooler...

See ya' next week, guys!

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GrandmaK said...

Grand post!!! What fun!! We're sure enjoying the weather here in CO! Spent the day in Estes Park! Cathy