Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

Congratulations, Michelle!

*  We're all home safely after having had a most wonderful time in Omaha, witnessing our oldest daughter's graduation -- and getting a really good visit with both our seminarians, and just in time to congratulate Br. Philip the seminarian who officially entered a little more than a week ago.

 I have about a million pictures to share -- and, be warned, I will do that!  But first, we have a move to make!  You'll see us here and there, in and out for a while as we process on to yet another chapter in our lives -- another home to make our own, and this time with Michelley around to help us!  (Woohoo!) Pictures of the new house coming, too!  Blessings to all and congratulations to all the Graduates out there!

  Including this guy here: our dear friend, and honorary family member.  Congratulations, Omar!


GrandmaK said...

Well done Michelle ! Congrats to you too, mom and dad!! Cathy

Natalie said...