Friday, May 18, 2012

On the Occasion of Our Sister Graduating and Coming Home...

On the way to Omaha for Michelle's graduation from high school. My baby. =sigh= She's sixteen, seventeen the end of June, but she accrued enough credits to graduate out of her junior year.  So she's coming home.  And our home will be a little more complete again.  We'll have all our girls, at least.   The idea just makes me smile.  Especially now that we'll have four bathrooms to split up amongst them.  :0)  I am very tickled. Over more than just the bathrooms.   Here is all I could get out of the siblings here in the car in regard to the happy event:
Theresa:  "It's about time.  Now we have help cleaning the house."
Cathy: "We missed you!  We'll be glad when you're home.  We'll have fun this summer!"
Gabe:  "I hope you have a good year.  I can't wait until you get home."
William:  "I love you, Michelle."
More thoughts, words, and lots of pictures -- as soon as I have my own computer and don't have to fight with Dan's (very annoying) laptop....

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