Monday, May 14, 2012

Handful of Stuff to Share

The girls and I got to go on a field trip last week to the Colorado Museum of the West in Montrose.  This is a fabulous museum, with over 500,000 artifacts of the real west. Highly recommended if you're ever in this part of the world.  We were especially honored to get the full tour from the museum's founder, Richard Pike.
Our tour guide was surprised by how engaged the girls were. I guess most school children that go through the museum don't love  history like ours do.  And I'm guessing he doesn't have a whole lot of experience with homeschoolers....

Theresa got to play a hundred year old pump organ.  She played "White Coral Bells" -- an arrangement of her own.
I have it in video, but I stupidly filmed it sideways.  Let me know if  anyone wants me to post it, anyway..

  A week from this past Friday was the Science/Social Studies Fair at Holy Guardian Angels. William and Gabe's class did a big study on the Titanic.  William played "a survivor" and Gabe got to be Captain John Smith.

"I'm that survivor -- you know -- the one with the white hat
and those things that hold your pants up..."

If you know Gabe, you know he was perfect for the part
of the meticulous Captain Smith.  (And the uniform fit...)

Cathy's opened a restaurant on our back porch.  It's called "Cathy's Diner."  She got permission for food she could use, made the menu, cleaned the porch, dragged tables and chairs out from who knows where, decorated, waited tables, cooked, and cleaned it all up when she closed up.  Good food, too.  If you happen by, you'll have to stop in!  But, take note: this is a special kind of diner...

No kiddin' -- you have to have a pair skates.  And be able to eat while using them...
(I had mine catered...)

  These are the beautiful roses Dan got me for our anniversary, May 2nd: twenty-five for each year we've been married + eleven for each child = thirty-six altogether!  They didn't last nearly long enough (like forever!), but no worries, because Mother's Day falls right after our Anniversary. (How appropriate is that?)

 Here are all the goodies I got Mother's Day:  More roses (does my husband know what I like, or what?), plus dinner out and a stroll around Ouray, our favorite mountain town.  Scads of beautiful, homecrafted cards and gifts.  And lotsa lovin.

l-r: Anna (9), Theresa (13), Gabe (8), Cathy (11), William (6)
It was a lovely day!

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