Monday, February 25, 2013

Lent, Week Two: Give a Little Whistle

Big sister: "William, I thought you gave up chocolate milk for Lent!"

William: "Well, that was just for the first day."

Big Sis: "You can't do that.  That's not how it works. You're breaking the rules."

William: "No I'm not. I'm giving up something different today."

Sis: "What?"

William: "Chai.  I'm giving up chai.

Sis: "You hardly ever have chai anyway.  You have to give up something that it bothers you not to have.  And it should bother your conscience to cheat on what you give up."


William: "I'm giving up Lent."

Around the table on St. Valentine's Day.
Any girls with four big brothers should know how to whistle like this.
This is how you do it.  Seal your fingers together, making sure
there aren't any holes for air to leak out of.  Bend your
thumbs and blow into them kinda how you whistle
over the top of a soda bottle.

 Cathy can do it.  No trouble.

 Try it, Anna.
 Not working.
 Still no sound.
 Is there a hole?
Is this right?
 Still no whistle.  Just air.
 Ah, well.  If I need to call Jiminy Cricket,
 I'll just hollar for him.

And I'll step on him.

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Natalie said...

ROFL William is hilarious! I think he might be a lawyer in the making. Way to beat the system! =)