Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Takes

1. There are some advangages to getting old(er). For instance, some lucky ones of us develop internal weather forecast systems. Thus, Theresa's comment this morning upon looking out and seeing snow on the ground: " Mommy's weather toe was right again."

2. We found TONS of wonderful St. Valentine's Day crafts at Crafty Crow, including these easy-peasy, construction paper Valentines we made for friends and loved ones this week.
3. Today is the day of the annual Homeschool Rollerskating Party here. The children look forward to this outing more than just about anything we do all year. Why wouldn't a kid love rolling around and around and around in circles, falling down, and getting all hot and sweaty, while laughing and playing with all their best friends? I'm not sure if I'll venture out on to skates this year. Usually I have an infant on hand and can't. This year, I'll need to be chasing Teeny-Little-Super-Guy William around, which may necessitate it, though. Wish me luck! It's been YEARS since I attempted it.

4. We're learning all about preparing for a wedding these days. My future daughter-in-law is the most capable planner you can imagine, and is already incredibly on top of things. She already has the chapel and reception hall reserved, her bridal party chosen and informed, and her dress bought and hanging in her closet. We have volunteered to take care of the flowers and the pew decorations ~ and just realized that it's our responsibility to host the rehearsal dinner. We'll have a group of about 25 people to feed, and are trying to come up with something memorable, but on a budget. Any ideas?

5. Here's the big leek we had in our kitchen recently:

(One needs gloves it would appear to handle such a big vegetable.)

6. Having a little bout with insomnia again lately. It comes in waves, for some reason, and is possibly pre-menopausal in origin. When I'm lying in bed, watching the numbers flip on the digital clock near my bed, I always debate the option of getting up vs. staying in bed. I worry that getting up will just wake me up even more and prevent a possible drifting-off scenario. But, then, after I've lain there for an hour or so, I figure I'm wasting time that I could be getting something done. Like blogging? What do you do when you can't sleep? Any good tips would be appreciated!

(Here are some ideas I came up with a while back, but, as you'll see, they aren't very practical solutions...)

7. We've been playing the "Could-We-Possibly-Sell-This-House-And-Find-Something-That-Functions-Better-For-Us" game lately. Like my insomnia, it's a cyclical thing. (Hmmm... I wonder if they're connected?) We'd like to be a little closer to Dan's work, for one thing. He drives about 50 minutes both ways every day, which is wearing on him and expensive gas-wise. It'd also be so nice to have a more modern layout in a house, for a change. I'd love to have a great room; gathering space is a big issue for us. And closets. Closets would be so nice. I'll have to tell you about the way we store our clothes sometime. And I've always dreamed of having a separate room just for schooling, and a basement for the Little ones to play while the rest of us are trying to get some schooling... Oh, and it has to be on at least five acres and not too close to a big road, and it has to have a good well. I'm not asking much, am I?

So, anyway, we've got an appointment to have a second look at a house. It's five minutes further away from town than the one we're in now, it's down a long dirt road, and it has no great room, but it's a newer, remodeled home, it has the land and good well, and it does have a large unfinished basement and more closet space ~ and a view that can see three states. I'm a sucker for a view. But... Alas! I don't know that we could sell our house to be able to afford the one up the hill. And I'm not sure we'd be better off up there. And we'd have to move again. Ack.

But, oh, those views. How much a glutton for punishment am I? I'll let ya know...

Have a good weekend, Everyone!


Natalie said...

For my wedding rehearsal dinner, I told my in-laws I wanted simple and fun, so we had an excellent BBQ restaurant cater. It was easy, affordable, and everybody enjoyed the yummy BBQ.

For my SIL wedding rehearsal, everybody just went to Pizza Hut and ordered whatever they wanted to eat. Easy and fun. Even better if the buffet is on.

Other SIL had a fun appetizer party at her house.

Hope that gives you a few ideas.

Kim H. said...

Great post!

I kinda want to go roller-skating now. :) No. Really.

And your daughter with the leek and the gloves made me laugh out loud. I LOVE IT. She's tootie cute! :)

And yes my dear, you might just be a glutton for punishment thinking about moving -- but you can call me anytime and I'll help walk you through the insanity...oh, I mean FUN. Yes, FUN! :)

GrandmaK said...

Subway worked for Wes and Annie's rehearsal dinner. Laura and Roy's was held in the social room at church before the rehearsal and as it was in july we had cold cuts and salads. David and Kelly's was held in the backyard of her parents as we lived in IN and the wedding was to be in MA. We rented the tent and purchased the foods. Church friends prepare the chicken on the grill. Marianne and Eric's parents hosted at their home. All were very nice and went very smoothly. We had a budget and shopped around. I guess that's the key. We did have a grand time at each. Still have Jimmy to wed. So we still have one more rehearsal as soon he asks his Kelly.

Enjoyed you Quick Takes! Cathy

Mamabear said...

Insomnia? Do you take magnesium? 400-500mg/day is supposed to help. I split mine up, 1/2 in the morning & 1/2 before bed, so it doesn't cause diarrhea.

Marie said...

What do you do when you can't sleep? Any good tips would be appreciated!

I concentrate on my breathing, slowly...breathe in....breathe out and STOP my mind from constantly ticking over. It takes time and discipline but it does work for me at least.

As for skating I could never stand in the dang things..As soon as I put the skates on up and over I'd go..I ended up getting tired of getting a bruised tush and simply gave up! LOL!..Now I'm much to wise to try or is that too old? LOL;)

Peace and laughs to you Lisa:)

Marie xooxoxox

Laura said...

Quick take comments..
Didn't know leeks came that big?
I have been having insomnia too, and Tylenol PM doesn't even help.
Rehearsal ...BBQ is a good idea and also, we have had a few rehearsal dinners at my parents home. Homes are lovely places for rehearsal dinners. Italian theme ....easy on the wallet and everyone likes it. Pasta,good bread, big salad, go crazy with desserts.

SuzyQ said...

How eciting about the wedding preperations!!!
I'm really just so happy for you all!
Love the valentine crafts too. The girls made Valentines cards for Daddy yesterday.
Sorry, I'm afraid I have no tips for insomnia :0( Seraphina is waking during the night again at the moment and Tilly is potty training so has a few disturbed nights too and I just find it impossible to get back to sleep once I'm "up" lol! So I can relate a little. I offer ((((((((Sympathy))))))))
Blessings to you all.

Delena said...

My husband's aunt and uncle prepared bbq brisket, scalloped potatoes, veggies, and cheesecake for everyone. We STILL get compliments on how great the dinner was!