Thursday, February 12, 2009

What We've Been Doing, Illustrated!

These start way back to the Epiphany, when my camera became discomboobalated.
Just one shot of our Epiphany feast to mark the day. We baked this fruit cake, recipe courtesy of Catholic Cuisine, and it was DELICIOUS! Hubby, Dan, got the hidden ring.
And back in January, my sister, Donna, had a birthday. She's 29 years beautiful.

We've been able to enjoy an unusual number of very warm days outdoors. Here are the kids playing on the wolf sculptures outside the Denver Natural History Museum.

And, here are some photos of my trip to Winter Park with my two oldest sons, and some other friends of ours a few weeks ago.

Below is the cute little Cabriole, that transports skii-ers (and other lookers-on, like me). You stand in it as you ride over the parking lot, through the trees and over the hill to the resort. It was so much fun, I considered just staying on for a second loop around the parking lot. (Doesn't take much to excite me.)
See the guys on the roof in the picture below? They were about five stories up, shoveling snow! YIKES! We were relieved to see, on closer inspection, that they were all tethered to ropes in case they slipped.

How 'bout this guy? Just what everyone wants after a day of skiing, right? An ice cold bottle of Coca Cola!
They have tall dogs up there in Winter Park.

We wanted to go into this pub and drink a toast to Poirot, but, alas! They weren't open for lunch.
Hurrah for the DU Ski Team! (Our old alma mater)
Some views from the ski lodge window where Nicole and I hung out while the rest of the kids skiied:

And here are the characters I got to spend the afternoon with. It was great fun!
Below: Paul and Nicole, the world's two best posers. How can they help it, they're so durn cute? (Yeah, yeah, I know... I'm terribly biased that way, huh?)

Kevvy, who drove up with me ~ and who was a most pleasant companion and stimulating conversationalist, but who got a little dopey after wiping out on his snowboard half way through the day. He's still looking a little dazed here, isn't he?

Another beautiful couple, our friends Mike and Claire.
And the whole gang of us. I guess you can pick out which one is me, right?


Sarah (JOT) said...

That was a fun trip down memory lane!

GrandmaK said...

Cannot remember the last time I was in Winter Part. I feel homesickness setting in!! Have a grand day and thank you! Cathy

Bia said...

oh, looks like fun.

i love the fire hydrant...

MightyMom said...

yikes! looks cold.

Laura said...

Those pictures are so beautiful and this is coming from a non snow lovin' gal.

SuzyQ said...

Love these pictures Lisa. Thanks so much for sharing them :0)

Aubrey said...

What a beautiful trip! I haven't yet gone skiing even though we're only a day's drive from the ski lift. Glad you're enjoying those beautiful mountains! :)