Friday, February 6, 2009

Quick Takes

It was 65 degrees yesterday and around 60 today. The children have been playing outside in their shirtsleeves and I've been opening the windows to air out the house. It's wonderful! But, let's face it: it's February, for crying out loud! And, though I'm not a pessimist, I am a realist, and I know these good things don't come without a price. So, I told the girls to pick up the shovels they had scattered all over the property and put them back in the garage where they belong so we can find them when the blizzard hits. Soon, I'm guessing.

My camera still will not download onto my computer, and I'm sure it's a software problem. I expect I could download some more software from somewhere, but I keep wishing and hoping and dreaming of getting a new camera ~ one that is faster and doesn't have the weird focussing problem that mine's developed. But, I'm afraid that may be a long wait, as there are a few hundred things on the list ahead of a new camera. Alas! I guess I'd better hunt down some new software. I miss being able to post current pictures!

Bella, our yellow lab, who is a little over year old, has not been spayed, as we were waiting for that procedure to come to the top of said list. And, well, you guessed it. She found a beau (and now that procedure has risen right to the top ~ as soon as she weans her pups!). We think the papa is the Great Pyrennes that was hanging around here a few weeks ago. We should find out soon, though, if the pups resemble him. The children are totally excited, needless to say. (Anyone thinking about wanting a puppy this spring?)

Tonight is Dinner and a Movie Night for me and my husband. We take turns every other Friday or so surprising each other with new and unusual dinners and unexpected movies, which we share in our room with the door closed, while Michelle babysits the Littles with their own dinner and a movie out in the living room. Two weeks ago Dan brought home a container of lobster bisque from our super market deli, and served it with some artisan bread and balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. And a bottle of Guiness. M-Good! Now I have to come up with something. It being Friday and us being on diets now is making it very hard. So, we'll go on a rosary drive in a minute here, pop in at the library for a movie, and then we'll just have to stroll around the grocery store and see what we come up with...

I mentioned in #4 that we're on a diet... To elaborate and not bore you with the details, let me just put it this way: It's the pits! Whether it's the cause or result of having toxemia three times in a row, we don't know, but I have ongoing issues with my kidneys and liver and have learned that it's necessary for me to do periodic cleansings, as well as eating as "clean" a diet as I can. But, on this regimen, I get two chalky milkshakes a day, one meal of greens and white meat, and for snack twice a day, I get to chow down on two almonds. Yes, that's what I said. Two. I've lived through this diet before, and I lost 17 pounds and came out the better, but, man-oh-man, it's hard.
Like most everyone, I do love to eat; being hungry is the pits. And I love my coffee, but have had to cut it way, way back (like to one or two cups a week), which is the pits. Preparing food for the children and doling out the snacks is a terrible temptation. Cooking pizza for them while I nibble rabbit food is especially the pits. And here's another thing: My hubby just wants to trim down, and you know how guys are ~ he's going to lose five pounds for every one pound I lose. (What's with that?) Watching him peel it off while I struggle will be the pits. Not that I won't be proud of his success, mind you, but, gee whiz... =sigh=
I guess there is one bright side, if you can call it that: After this, Lent will be a piece of cake!
We're getting the electrical worked on out here at the farm, so we can get our generator lined up to turn on at the flick of a switch ~ just in case we get that blizzard I mentioned. We'll also have our chicken house re-wired, so we can get some hens going pretty soon. We have the promise of some layers from some friends, and we'll probably get some chicks from the breeders, just because it's a fun thing to do. Our big boys enjoyed all the benefits of the farm the first time around, but having been away for two years and taking these two years to do some re-building, our little ones haven't had the same experiences. I'm looking forward to the excitement of them finding their first eggs in the henhouse!
I've been thinking about charity this year as part of my New Year's resolve and meditation. It's a petty easy concept to ponder on the global plain. St. Paul talks about it a lot in his Epistles; it's the cornerstone of all the other virtues and the partner of humility. But, it's been especially intriguing to bring the virtue of charity home to roost in my own life here, as mother and hometeacher, wife, friend, sibling, daughter, etc. The Holy Ghost and my patrons have been generous in their help, though, as they always are~ most especially with these things. Every time I turn around, they're (somebody up there!) placing the words in my hands and in my head, the concepts I'm supposed to learn and live. Over and over again, I get these two words! And here's what they are: I believe my portion of Charity to work on right now lies in Mercy and Patience. Go figure. Seems simple, but I bet there's more to it than meets the eye. As I work out what it all means in my station in life, I'll let you know.
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SQUELLY said...

I love the idea of it being 65 degrees. We are at minus 5 tonight. Hope you have a great dinner and movie.

MightyMom said...

have you tried to open the pics directly from the camera or memory card? saves the step of the camera software and uses whatever photo thing you already have on the comp.

Here's an example. I can plug my card directly in the CPU, but with the old comp I used the USB cord from camera to computer.

Then go to "computer", then double click on whichever drive the pics are in. probably one of the removable ones.

then keep opening folders till you find the files that are the pics.

right click on a picture and choose "open with" most all comps have at a minimum "paint" which will open pics easily....or if you have say windows photo gallery or some other pic-ware you can open with that. Now, watch out. sometimes you get a box and at the bottom of it there is a check by "always use this program to open this type of file" unless you are VERY sure that it's gonna work, uncheck that box. Tis a bear if it gets checked and it's the wrong type of program for the file...then it's forever telling you it can't support the file or some such nonsense and you have to figure out how to uncheck the box again.....

Laura said...

I think I learn more from these "quick takes" than anything else.
I love your date night idea...all but the GUINESS- :)
Can't wait to see what those pups look like..will they be HUGE?

Sarah (JOT) said...

I don't know, Laura, but Guinness is where it's at, baby! Yeah!

I love your quick takes. I may start to do this, too.

Bia said...

ick. two almonds twice a day. i'd never last.