Monday, February 9, 2009

Paul and the Library Girl

The Engagement Story

Chapter 1
Pauliwog, a Big Frog

There was once a little boy, the first of many boys and girls in a big Catholic family. Everyone called him Pauliwog when he was little, but then he grew up to be quite a big frog in the pond, so that most people (except maybe his Mom) wouldn't think of calling him that any more.
He grew up to be such a wonderful young man. He was a good example to his little brothers and sisters and everyone who knew him, as he served at the altar, as he continued to be a help to his family, as he worked his way through college. He played hard, he prayed hard, he worked hard and he studied hard. He was always busy. By the time he got to his sophomore year in college, his family hardly ever saw him. If he wasn't working or in class, he was at the library, studying.
Chapter 2
What Paul was Studying at the Library
One day, when Paul was at the library, he saw a beautiful girl with the most beautiful smile standing behind the counter at the library. He found out her name was Nicole (though Paul's friends and family all knew her as "The Library Girl"), and he learned that she was just as sweet and good as she was beautiful. So, of course, Paul went to the library more and more often. Sometimes it was to study. Mostly, it was to look at Nicole over the library books, and to find some excuse to talk to her. As time went on, they became friends, and then one February day, he asked her out on a date. They had a wonderful time, and decided they might need to go on more dates to see if they continued to have such a good time together. And, as it turned out, they did, indeed. As time went by, they realized they wanted to be more than just friends.
Chapter 3
More Than Just Friends
But, there was still so much to do. Paul and Nicole both wanted to finish their college educations, and it was very important to Paul to be able to provide well for Nicole and the family they knew they'd like to have together someday. So they both worked hard, and played hard, and studied hard to finish up their schooling. Only now, they kept each other company while they did it. Paul brought his girl home to meet his family and everyone fell in love with her just like Paul had. Nicole also saw how Paul prayed and wanted to know about that so she could share that with him, too, and it wasn't long before she went to Mass with him every Sunday and could see him serving at the altar. And she began to understand that the example Paul set had led her heart to a happy home of its own in the Church.
And then, in what seemed like no time at all, Paul and Nicole realized that the anniversary of their first date was coming up. It had been three years since they first met! (My, how time flies!) And Paul had a plan to celebrate it.
Chapter 4
The Plan Unfolds
He arrived at Nicole's apartment early on the Saturday morning of their dating-anniversary and when she came to the door, with sleep still in her eyes, he told her to go sit down ~ breakfast was on him! So he cooked her up a big breakfast of eggs and ham and toast. And he gave her a single rose. After she ate her breakfast, he brought her out to the car, handed her a blindfold and told her the next stop was a surprise. They were going to go try out something new and different; Paul had reserved an hour for each of them at the nicest spa in town to get a massage. (Nicole says if you've never done this ~ definitely, do it!)

After that, he blindfolded her again to make the long drive to their next surprise destination ~ the restaurant in Ouray that was the site of their first date. Unfortunately, though, Buen Tiempo didn't keep winter lunch hours, so they ended up going to O'Brien's Pub and they enjoyed their meal very much. Then they walked around the pretty little town of Ouray for a while before Paul led Nicole back to the car and they headed back to Montrose, the town where they first met. When they were just outside the town limits, Paul had Nicole put her blindfold back on so that their next destination could be another surprise.
Chapter 5
What Nicole Didn't Know and What She Found Out

Paul had been planning this day for a long time. He would graduate next winter and his commission as a 2nd Lieutenent in the United States Marine Corps was in the bag for next spring, so he had a job and a future waiting for a new bride. He had told his Mom and Dad about his plan and had had an important talk with Nicole's Dad. He had gone to a certain jewelry store and bought a certain ring in secret. He had told the sales girls about his plan so that when the store had a "Going Out of Business" sign over the door, and Nicole, in a panic, hurried Paul back to the store, all they would say was, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm afraid it sold." Paul had also spoken to a certain library director who agreed to open the library after hours and who would be on hand on a certain evening with a video recorder. So the stage was set...
...for when he led her, blindfolded, into the library where they first met, knelt down on one knee, took off her blindfold, and asked her to be his wife. And she cried, and pulled him up off the floor, and hugged him and said yes. And he gave her the beautiful ring that she thought had been sold, and she cried again. And they went to visit Nicole's Mom and Dad. And there were still tears of joy left. And they called Paul's Mom and Dad and there was great rejoicing by his parents and all the little brothers and sisters at Paul's house. And his Mom laughed and wiped away a tear, because her little Pauliwog was all grown up and was going to be a husband. And because time passes so quickly. And because she knew that Paul and Nicole were so good for each other, and they loved each other so and =sigh= because, isn't it just so romantic?

And now our dear Nicole will be an official member of the family.
Chapter 6
...begins for Paul and Nicole on October 10, 2009.

Congratulations, you two! We couldn't be happier!

PS ~ No, children, and anyone else who wonders, Nicole did not eat the rose; it was a decoration.

(That's the one comment my eight-year-old had after we read the above story together!)


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Congratulations! What a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it with us! And may I also commend you, the future MIL, for welcoming with open arms this young girl to your family. You can't know what a good thing you are doing for your relationship with her now and in the future. They are both very blessed!

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

Let me say that you are an example to those of us who also have sons. I shall read this post over and over and when it is my time I shall also welcome my son's choices with open arms and smiles of welcome. Extend to Paul and Nicole my prayers and best wishes. I feel like I know them.

Natalie said...

Congratulations to them! It is wonderful to be a young married couple in love. Pregnant hormones are acting up today and I had tears coming down my cheeks as I read their story. So sweet!

Also, for a side note, we called my little brother Pauliwog the Frog too. =)

nutmeg said...

Very very sweet.

Congratulations to them... and all of you!


Anne P said...

I am so thrilled for them! What thought he put into the entire ordeal! Lisa, congrats! Sounds like you have a sweet girl joining the family. Tell Dan congrats for us too!

Laura said...

And this silly blog reader from far far away cried too!!!
Real tears!!!
Hooray for the happy couple.

SQUELLY said...

This was solovely to read. Congrats to you all on welcoming a new member into your family!

Aussie Therese said...

oh what a beautiful story. I have tears in my eyes too from it. It is so romantic. I will have to email a link to my husband so that he knows what romantic is.

MightyMom said...

what a great fairy tale!

GrandmaK said...

A truly beautiful love story! My married children all have wonderful engagement stories as well. Congratulations to you all...Ocober is a grand month! Our 10th grandchild is due then, too! Cathy

Joannof10 said...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful engagement story!! Thanks so much for sharing.

SuzyQ said...

What a romantic proposal. Well I think they are both very lucky. What a sweet couple they make.
I send them all my best wishes.
May their "forever" be truly blessed :0)

Sarah (JOT) said...


Bia said...

Okay, aside from meeting in a church (my husband and I met at a church spaghetti supper) the library is the next best place to meet someone.

Loved the story...made me cry, too.

Congratulations to the happy couple and the happy Mom.