Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Got my camera to download!

Thanks to Mighty Mom suggestions!

So, look out! I have pictures backlogged to the Epiphany to share!
But, first, here's a shot of a pile o'puppies:
(Please 'scuse the poor focus on that bottom one... We'll try for better ones later when it's not so windy and chilly outside)
We had fixed up a nice, warm, cozy place for Bella and the pups in the barn, all snuggled in with hay, out of the wind and weather, but for some reason, Bella wants her family under the picnic table in the backyard. Silly dog. We tried twice to take the pups into the barn, but she moved them right back out to the backyard. Maybe it's because it's right outside our bedroom window and she feel secure with us right there, or maybe it's because she knows coyotes won't venture that close to the house. Who knows? Anyway, we did the best we could to make her and the "kids" a tent with a tarp and some strategically placed scrap wood. It looks just awful, but it's at least protected. We hope with the next snow storm, she sees some sense and moves into the warmer quarters of the barn!


MightyMom said...



cute babe there.

Aussie Therese said...

oh. How cute.

Natalie said...

Oh they are so cute! I hope Momma decides to move them into the barn as well. Good luck with the babies.