Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pelosi at the Vatican

Have you read about this?


Bia said...

I just read this over at Peggy's place...yeah Pope!

Anonymous said...

OK, not to be the pessimist (but someone has to be), but I don't get it...we cheer because the pope says something (not TOO strongly, mind you) "respect life". I would cheer if he actually said, "Recant your stance on abortion, or you are EXCOMMUNICATED." Period. He is willing to do so, anyway, over an "opinion" about the Holocaust. Since when is the Holocaust sacred or moral teaching? Human life is sacred.

Lisa said...

Anon ~ to tell you the truth, I was flabbergasted that the woman showed her face inside the Vatican. She must realize how "popular" she is throughout the Catholic world. I, too, would love to hear some much stronger language and see stiffer penalties. Excommunication sounds good. Especially after the Catholic turnout for Obama, you'd think they'd realize the need to punish such a publicly bad example.