Monday, October 6, 2008


I am from kites and kittens, jungle gyms and jump ropes.
From bangs pushed to the side and and perfectly matched outfits.
I am from cottonwood tree tire swings and prairies with room to run .
From hotdogs and pork-n-beans and s'mores over a campfire.
I am from Sunday afternoon hiking trails and sledding trips in winter,
From my Mommy and Daddy, from Paul, and Kevin, and Matthew in Heaven; from Jon, and Dominic, Michelle,and Theresa and my little brothers and sisters, Anna, Gabe and William.
I am from the teasing, the laughing, and the singing.
I am from Toot and Puddle's cousin, Opal, from Fairytale on the piano,
And my beloved Ragdoll, Audrey Ann.
I am from the beauty and tradition of the ages in my beloved Roman Catholic Faith.
I am named for St. Catherine of Laboure who laid her head on Mary's lap, and Cecila, the saint of music.
I am from the width and height of the Rocky Mountains and the rolling beauty of the Great Plains of Colorado,
I am from Wales and England and Ireland and Germany.
From my Grandad and his life on the sea, and my Grandpa, also a man of the water; I am oceans and mountains and prairie and sky.
I am from Aunt Nina's treasure chest of albums and Grandmom's photo covered walls.
I am Mommy's cheerful helper, beloved of all my family, my Daddy's sweetheart and my Mommy's dear one.
I am Catherine Cecilia.
And I am eight years old.

(I am also the only eight year old girl anyone knows who can do one arm push ups...)

Hugs and much love to my Cathy, from Mommy!

*The outline for this poem can be found here.


GrandmaK said...

Scared me!!!! When I say "Cathy" I thought I was in trouble! Whew!!! Have a gran day, "little" Cathy! Big Cathy

Kaila said...

Happy Birthday,Cathy!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday...
I forgot about his poem.
YEA!!!I'm so doing it.

Bia said...

Every time, and I mean every single time, I read this poem by one of your children it makes me cry.

So beautiful. I have printed out the format for this poem for the boys to do special presents for their grandparents.

Buon compleanno, Cathy. You share a birthday with my favorite Italian cousin, Damiano.