Saturday, May 10, 2008

A wee Irish Tune

We're getting ready for the troops to come home a week from Sunday, and I had a hankering to hear the kids, so went on a hunt through the computer.

I found this tune while scrolling through our Easter vacation videos. The children sang this at their St. Patrick's Day program. Dominic played the "lead" and was apparently quite a hit, which comes as no surprise to us here. &:o) Playing a goofy Irishman would come as naturally to him as breathing. Sorry for the poor picture quality. Our house has the worst lighting!

But, it brightened my day to hear this, anyway. I thought you might enjoy it, too!

Here's a tip of my Guinness to ya!

Lyrics or words to this effect: (The Irish don't need much to sing about!):

Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs Murphy's Chowder?

(George Giefer)

Mrs Murphy gave a party just about a week ago

Everything was plentiful, The Murphys, they're not slow

They treated us like gentlemen, we tried to act the same

If it weren't for what happened...

Well, it was a doggone shame


When Mrs Murphy dished the chowder out, she fainted on the spot

She found a pair of overalls at the bottom of the pot!

McGinty, he got roaring mad, his eyes were bulging out

He jumped onto the piano and loudly he did shout......


"Who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder?"

Nobody spoke, so he shouted all the louder"

It's a rotten trick that's true, I can lick the drip that threw

The overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder"


They dragged the pants from out the soup

And laid them on the floor

Each man swore upon his life, he'd ne'er seen them before

They were plastered up with mortar and had patches on the knee

They'd had their many ups and downs as we could plainly see.


And when Mrs Murphy, she came to, she b'gan to cry and pout

She'd put them in the wash that day and forgot to pull them out

McGinty, he excused himself for what he said that night

So we put music to the words and sang with all our might....


"Who threw the overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder?"

Nobody spoke, so we shouted all the louder

"It's a rotten trick that's true, and we'll lick the drip that threw

The overalls in Mrs Murphy's chowder"


Marie said...

That must be an awfully large pot!

Brad knows quite a few old Irish tunes, he grew up on them. He sings them perfectly too!

SuzyQ said...

That brought a smile to my face:)
I love irish music it's so lyrical, and melodic with tons of humour thrown in!
BTW) Thanks so much for your kind support and the link for the book on your sidebar!
Blessings to you :)

Bia said...

Bravissimi!!! That was so fun to listen to!

God bless.