Sunday, May 25, 2008

Snot Here...

We're so glad to have all the children home, I just can't tell you. But, dang them, they brought a summer cold along with 'em! Not only do all the Littles have it, but I caught it too, doggone it! I don't even remember the last time I had a cold. I've been reduced to a poor sniffling wimp here, I admit it. I'm whining along with the rest of the kids. Bluck. We're miserable.

I've been wiping little noses all day long, and blowing mine copiously. We've gone through two boxes of Puffs and are making serious headway through another one. I just sent my husband out to get some more, in fact. (Gotta have my Puffs!)
I know everyone has experienced this. If it isn't colds, it's allergies.

Aren't you with me in asking: Where does all this snot come from?? Is there some kind of perpetual motion snot machine inside the head that kicks on? Is it like the Universe, created from nothing? I've been thinking about it all day. Really.

So, being a conscientious and curious homeschool-researcher kinda Mom and having the world at my fingertips here at the computer, I've taken it upon myself to hunt out the answer...

And here it is, for anyone interested:

* If this is too gross or N/A, feel free to skip to the bottom... I wouldn't blame you.

Blurtit says: Mucus is fluid secreted by the Goblet cells (Goblet cells??? This makes me giggle...) in the walls of mucus membranes in the body. The mucus contain lysozymes and immunoglobulin. In case of cold or flu, the brain send message to mucus membrane to produce mucus. The mucus is the response of our immune system. The mucus trap the virus or bacteria and does not allow them to enter in to lungs. (Gee, I guess that's nice of them, but all the mucous in there doesn't seem very good, either...)

Kidzworld says: Mucus membranes line the inside of your nose and sinuses and secrete snot to protect your body from invaders like germs, pollen and dust. The snot traps the tiny particles of junk that you breathe in so they don't make their way into your lungs and make you sick. If germs do sneak in, and you get sick, you'll probably get a runny nose cuz your body makes extra snot to wash away the germs. (Why does it take 7-10 days of showering to be sure we're rid of these alleged germs?)

Dr. Universe tells us: In the nose, mucous has two roles. Along with tiny hair-like projections called cilia (SILLY-UH), it traps dust, bacteria, and other small particles breathed in with air. Working together as a filtering team, they make the air easier to breathe, cleaner and more free of such harmful things as bacteria. (Easier, you say??) But mucous also lubricates and protects the nose. So it's pretty complicated stuff... (This is the point where they explain the intricacies of warrior-mucous)

So, in short, it's my brain telling my mucous membranes to flood the moat! Great. But I think the moat has overflowed and is flooding the castle here! For crying out loud, can't we just lower the chutes or something? (Yes, I know cold remedies are supposed to help this, but they've been next to ineffectual with this strain, for some reason. Sheesh!)

There is never any doubt that God's design is perfect, and so I don't question the benefit of this exercise, of course. But, I do think that the greatest good here doesn't come from any supposed washing out of germs. It's more likely a very handy little cross for Our Heavenly Father to occasionally bestow upon us just to keep us on our toes. So I better quit whining. Worse things could happen than our sore noses. I'm grateful, really.

Thank Heaven for Puffs. (Yes, I do indeed believe that such things are a heaven-sent consolation ...)

And, hey, ya know... There's another thing. (A silver lining to the tissue box.) Colds do keep the tissue companies in business. Little chance of layoffs at those factories, I'm thinking. Colds and flus in winter. Allergies in summer. They've got it all sewn up.
Colds are a good thing. I've almost convinced myself of it. ('Scuse me while I go find some more Puffs...)

*PS* While the Littles and I were home plowing through boxes of tissue, the rest of the family went to an impromptu church picnic. ( I stayed home from Mass with the Littles for everyone's better comfort and to distance the rest of the world from our "protective," infective mucous...)

I have just been informed that my husband and oldest five children seriously whupped managed to emerge victorious over EE (Everybody Else) at the church picnic today. Congratulations, you guys! You gotta know, we are not among the tallest of families out there (which is generally a big plus in this game!), but our athletes are a determined bunch! Better luck next time EE! (gg!)


Alexandra said...

Wow, I had no idea...thanks for the snot lesson. ;)

GrandmaK said...

I know, just as well as I know, my own name, I will return to work tomorrow and this tale will be MY "never ending story". I needed this because one must prepare for those who have spent this entire weekend "under the weather." I am now bolstered and ready to go!

AND...those tissue boxes...Laugh?!!!!! I thought I'd double over. They are just too....( speechless)! Cathy

OH!! Congrats team!!!!!

Bia said...

Okay, this is gross, but I used to worry about the little ones when they couldn't blow their noses. I worried about all that snot just sitting up there (in their brain?!) because it couldn't be blown out.

S'not funny.

Anyway, I checked out your sidebar on snakes and . . . ick. If I EVER sat on a snake I think I would have a coronary on the spot. And your husband wrestling the snake? I'm thinking Crocodile Dundee here.

Have a great day, drink plenty of fluids, and God bless.

Ellen said...

We sure missed you yesterday, Lisa. It's just not the same if your pew is only half full on Sundays! Hope you're all on the mend.
BTW, I was informed by one of the EE's that to use the term "serious whupping" would have been an exaggeration, so it's a good thing that you changed it to "emerged victorious". hehehe Theresa did admit that the Davis' were the winners, but said that the scores were actually quite close. It was a very fun afternoon for all, that's for sure! And all that volleyball was played AFTER a couple of hours of Ultimate Frisbee! I don't know how they do it! Capping the afternoon off with the group seeing the newest Indiana movie was perfect, and you're right: it's definitely kid friendly! (Do you really think that ants in Peru are that big? BLECH!)
See you soon!

Laura said...

I speak fluent gross so I love all of this interesting extra info. But I especially love this Monday post and the the ideas about what I see...what I am hoping etc.
Perhaps this would be a nice writing reflection for my kiddies tomorrow....

Anne said...

Lisa, I always wondered..I figured there MUST be some reason for this, as God never did create something without a reason or purpose..Some things we just need to trust have a purpose..Like snot! I hope you all get better by Sunday! We will be up and look forward to seeing everyone!