Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Jetsons

Our TV just died. And, though we might have been better served by freeing up that corner of the living room for something else... we went ahead and replaced it. With a flat screen. Mainly because it takes up less space, and I have this dream of hanging it in a shallow little cabinet high on the wall with doors I can shut.

But, oh-my-oh-my, we're almost embarassingly cutting edge now! Imay have to turn in my simplicity card. Seriously, my husband and I have always been more tuned in to raising chickens and children than merging onto the information super highway. We're not technology geeks. But, having teenagers has inclination growing all over us anymore. They have a burning interest in all the gadgets, our big kids. And they have an amazing amount of know-how.

Where do they learn it?? I mean, as homeschoolers, I should know where they pick up pretty much any new information, right? Well, um, no, I'm afraid I don't. They've turned the tables and are teaching me now. I had to have one of mine explain to me what an ipod is. And, exactly what is this "wee" I've been hearing about? (Ooops. Just let on how cutting edge I'm not!)

Our son, Jon (17), apparently one night while he was sleeping, sprouted the information between his ears that enabled him to wire our house for sound and reconnect all our audio/visual equipment to actually work off of one remote ~ when he was about twelve.
Our fourteen-year -old magically and instantaneously learned how to burn cds and record slideshows to music. My seven and nine-year-olds can manipulate the computer better than I can. And I didn't teach them. My husband hasn't sat down to instruct, either. I think it's just that the kids are interested, so they play around until they teach themselves (hopefully without destroying the equipment!). They aren't afraid of it; they take technology for granted.

Anyway, all this new-fangled TV thing got me to thinking about how truly space age we are becoming. Sure, we moms out here still wear aprons and bake cupcakes, but we have cell phones tucked into our apron pockets and check our e-mail while the cupcakes bake. It may not seem like it, but we are the Jetsons! The only thing we're missing is the flying cars!

Rosie beats Rumba anyday! )*

How'd these guys get in here?

Technology's not an inherently bad thing. I admit I take it for granted. I like my commercial-free radio in my car. I enjoy communicating on the internet. I'd be lost without my cell phone. I'm enjoying my flat screen TV and my DVR that allows me to record only what I want our family to watch and skip through the commercials. Like so many things, it can all be utilized for the good or corrupted toward the bad.

We've learned many safeguards and have been able, so far, to use the TV, computer, and cell phones and avoid too many evil influences. But, we've also learned you can never relax your vigilance. Actually, though, to be perfectly honest, the most difficult temptation for us with any of these has been moderation. It's a challenge, but we've been able to establish rules and expectations that have kept us from becoming immersed. Most of the time.

Except for like right now... When I should be folding the clothes on my bed so I'll have a place to sleep tonight. Instead of playing on the computer. Hunting down pictures of the Jetsons.

Yeah, ok. I'm off to fold clothes now. Night, all.


GrandmaK said...

What fun!!! I truly enjoyed this!!! Made me chuckle and smile...It is a great way to start my day!!! Thank you! Cathy

Matilda said...

Loved this post! Timely, true and the side by side pictures cracked me up!

Mary Rose said...

You know, you have a point! We are the Jetsons! (Except I still want a robot maid...)

I'm a bit of a techno geek, myself. My husband is my computer guy who has rebuilt my desktop several times. I'm also into "widgets" online (the little map on my blog is one) and have done a little web design just for fun. (There are plenty of books and online tutorials for learning HTML code.) But you're right. The kids nowadays are called "natives" meaning they've been raised with the technology. You and I are the "digital immigrants."

I am in the midst of teaching a digital scrapbooking course to a group of ten-year olds. The first week, one mom said to her as they were leaving, "Oh, good. Now you can teach me how to do it!"

I just loved it! :-)

Bia said...

Wow, a flat screen! I remember a couple of years ago my brother called me up because he had heard a rumor that we finally purchased a DVD player. It turned out to be true, and he said something along the lines that wonders will never cease. Thinks he's funny, does my brother.

Anyway, we're still a little behind with technology. You'd think with a husband who is an engineer . . .

We have one cell phone, two televisions, and we do not have caller i.d. Then, last week it was my turn to drive for our girls' night out, and my friend spent five minutes looking for the button to lower the window. When I pointed out the handle to ROLL it down manually, she couldn't stop laughing. Huh. Kinda hurt my feelings!

Finally, everything I know how to do with blogging and linking and downloading photos . . . all that was taught to me by my 13 year old.

Have a great day!

Danette said...

I used to think it was funny when my dad couldn't work the I'm the one asking my kids for help with all the new fangled stuff. I feel so old...*sniff*.