Friday, May 30, 2008

National Drawing Day and Other Cool Art Stuff

We're always looking for new and interesting artists. Some of our favorite art, bar none ~ Even better than Thomas Kinkade ~ is the work of children's book authors. We love the work of:
Jan Brett,
Tasha Tudor
Sarah Davis
Doron BenAmi

Troy Howell
Ron Berg
Brynn Barnard

...And many others ~ but these are the ones I found jogging my memory online.

Remember Taro Gomi, the author/illustrator famous for the ground-breaking children's book Everybody Poops? He's published something new called Doodle All Year featuring 265 pages of doodling inspiration. A must-have, I'm thinking.

I don't care for the content in all her pictures, but you just gotta love the creative idea behind the New York Times Crossword Drawings by Emilyjo Cureton. She does one a day. View them cautiously, though.

And for something really interesting, go check out Yeondoo Jung's work... Children's drawings brought to life! Isn't that a creative twist? We thought this would be fun to try to do with some of our Littles' artwork.

Also, you may have noticed in my sidebar that June 7th ~ next Saturday ~ is National Drawing Day! I'm going to have my youngins doodle up some of their best work and post it that day. It would be wonderful to see other work, as well, if you want to join in the fun! Let me know if you'll be posting some and I'll link it here! Just let me know by Friday night. I'm so excited to see lots of drawing going on!~


Memarie Lane said...

Well, I'll be posting my self-portrait on Monday, and it certainly looks like something a little kid would draw.

Marie said...

I really do wish I could draw and paint..Isn't it a marvelous Gift. Thank goodness our Good God gave this Gift to so many, so people like myself can gain inspiration from the work of others.

Peace & love to you Lisa:)

Marie xoxoxox