Sunday, December 16, 2007

Where did my mountain go??

OK, this is just the weirdest thing. Came back from our weekend trip hoping that my picture would have magically reappeared up there... But, no such luck.

What's strange is that some people can see the header, and some can't, and some can see half of it. I played around with it, and I can see it on my computer now, only if I take the title off. So, it seems I have to choose between the picture and the title.

I can't figure it out. It's not like I was playing with the template or anything; it just happened out of the clear blue sky (no pun intended...).

Can everyone see the header now, though?? Sorry to keep bothering abou this... Just seeing what I can work out...

I don't suppose any other blogger out there has had a similar problem that they figured out?


Bia said...

I can see the mountain . . . but you're right, not the title. God bless, and I'll try to get to your tag sometime tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Mountain an no title. Color of the font, perhaps?

Therese said...

Well I can now see the mountain but not the title.

T with Honey said...

I tried looking using both Firefox and Internet Explorer and still see the mountain and the sky and the kids. It's all there.

Lisa said...

OK, so I've got the picture back... &:o) Now I have to try to get the title back on. When I tried before, everytime I put the words on, the picture disappeared... Sheesh! Seems like it must be a problem with Blogger... I don't know how it could be something I'm doing. The letters are black against the light blue sky, so they should show up... I'll keep tinkering...

SuzyQ said...

I can see the mountain and the title!
The very same thing happened over at my blog too!
How wierd.
Looks like it's sorted itself out now though:0)
BTW) I'm sorry you couldn't get through to my old blog. It's still meant to be open to everyone on my blogroll.
I'll open it up again so that you can grab the link:0)
Take Care

SuzyQ said...

Uh Oh I can't see the title now:0(