Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This is Gabriel Joseph

He is our tenth child, second to the end.

He's got four big brothers (here on Earth), four big sisters and one little brother.

He's a very happy little guy.

Doesn't ask for much, but provides a great deal of joy to the rest of us.

He's the one who will snuggle up to you and tell you he loves you and "wouldn't trade you."

He's also a delightfully organized little guy and loves his routine.

He understands there must be order in the universe and is very happy to fulfill his responsibility to that end.

He considers mugging for the camera a duty of his station.

And he's very good at it.

See? There it is. Same smile every time. Get out the camera, or say, "smile..."
He tilts his head, twinkles his eyes, and grins.
What a mug!
So, here he is, Christmas day. The challenge to the siblings was to see who could fulfill the mugging duty as well as Gabey. Difficult challenge.

Christmas Day, 2007 Gabey-Mug Look-alike Contest

Who's got the "Gabey-mug" down?

Son #1: Paul
Daughter # 3: Catherine
Son # 5: Dominic

Daughter #1: Michelle
Daughter #4: Anna
Daughter # 2: Theresa

Son # 4: Jonathan

Son # 7: William

Son # 2: Kevin

The winner gets a Gabey-mug mug. (We're going to make one from one of those cup kits you get from Hobby Lobby) Every Vote Counts and we need objective observers!
(Voting ends Friday at 3 ~ We'll post the winning pictures Friday evening.)


dh said...

One vote for Jonathan. Great effort, looks like his face is about to break. Thoroughly insincere. :-)

Joannof10 said...

I am voting for son #2 Kevin. He has got the squinty eyes down perfectly.

SuzyQ said...

OOh this is a hard one but I think Anna looks like she really was putting her whole heart into it:0)
So cute!

Anonymous said...

Okay- I think it's Kevin. His eyes look just like Gabe's.
~Nicole :)

Soutenus said...

Hard to pick -- I say Paul gets my vote.

Marie said...

Either Paul or Jonathan.

Easter A. said...

Son #2 Kevin. What a cute challenge!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures...happy Christmas..

Therese said...

I am voting for Kevin too.

Bia said...

Just ONE vote? Okay, I vote for:
Paul, Catherine, Dominic, Michelle, Anna, Theresa, Jonathan, William, AND Kevin! (Of course, my boys would do an "eye roll" and accuse me of being a Mom- imagine that!- by voting for everyone!) What a beautiful family!! From your photos, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with everyone home. God bless!

P.S. What name did you come up with for your nativity church . . . which, by the way, turned out beautifully!

Lisa said...

LOL! Thanks, everyone! You wouldn't believe the competitive joking around here over this! Looks like Kevvy's edging Jon and Paul out, though... Those are the three most likely, we think. We're going to have to have a secret ballot here to avoid grudge punching... Boys!

Matilda said...

My older kids couldn't come to a consensus (surprise, surprise) so The Professor votes for Kevin, Sunshine votes for Catherine and Shortcake votes for Michelle. Now they can't wait to find out who wins!

Anonymous said...

Kevin is the Best! GReat job on this!!

Anonymous said...
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T with Honey said...

Many came close but I think Kevin gets the closest. Slightly squinty eyes. Perfectly matched grin. Head tilted to the side and back a little bit.

Lisa said...

It's between Kevvy, Jon, or Michelle. But, Jon looks the most like Gabey.

Donna said...

Ok, well now I know I have to get on here more often. I wish I could have voted. I really think that Anna came the closest!!!! It was great!!!!

Love Ya!
(Aunty) Dons (Donna)

Marli said...

People should read this.