Friday, December 7, 2007

Drat, Drat, and Double Drat!

It's snowing in the Colorado mountains again.

Snow is beautiful. Especially before Christmas; after Christmas, I'm sick of it. But, it's a wonderful thing to see it frosting the Rocky Mountains. It's so Christmas-y. And it's good for our Colorado economy. The skiiers, especially my eldest son (who is so avid, he has a patent pending for a snowboard design), are undoubtedly ecstatic at the snow that is being dumped on the trails. Every weekend.

That's the problem. Why can't it snow during the week?? When we don't need to get up there?

We've been trying for two weeks now to get over to the western slope in order to properly clean the house over there before we close on it on the 19th. We also have to get the all-important playground equipment we left in the backyard. So, we'll be pulling a trailer behind the truck. Which we really don't want to do in bad road conditions. Because, unfortunately, that beautiful, ski-friendly snow often makes the highways look like this:


I don't know what we're going to do! I'm just envisioning us sliding down from Eisenhower Tunnel (which is waaay up there) with the children's two-story jungle gym fishtailing behind us... Yikes!

Well, we have one more weekend to go after this one...

Is it a silly thing to pray for the whole weather pattern of the United States be altered for my convenience?


Eileen said...

No, it's not silly at all. Although I've found it helps to be more specific. :) I'll even join you--we'll be praying here that you have the perfect weather/road conditions for taking down, packing up and traveling with the playground set. And we'll get your guardian angels on it too--don't know where I'd be if I couldn't call on them every time I put my precious babies in the car!!

Chin up! Bring a shovel. And your rosaries. You might need them. :)


Marie said...

Okay I did your meme!

Lisa said...

Eileen~ You're right; gotta just tough it sooner or later and bring the angels, rosaries and shovels! &:o) I guess we can let God handle the weather forecast and just ask Him to get us back safely!

Marie~ Saw that! Love your twist! And, yes, we do, indeed, have a lot in common, your meme considered.

nutmeg said...

No... especially since I have the same prayer as you!!

We travel to Colorado to see my folks for Christmas, and we're leaving on the 15th.

So, I'll be joining you in those weather-related prayers!


Bia said...

Brrrr. I've been wishing for snow down here, but now I'm not so sure. I am FREEZING when the temperature gets below 65. The snow is beautiful, though!

Anonymous said...

Nutmeg, we'll be traveling on the same day, it looks like! Prayers, indeed for all of us! Maybe it'll be a snow-free weekend for a change...

Bia, I do love the snow, aesthetically... But practically, it's a pain!

Lisa said...

That last one was from me... Lisa... My publish button was temporarily disabled here, and wouldn't let me answer on Google! Weird.