Thursday, December 6, 2007

Eight Things

Lilder, who wants to know "Um, Where Am I?" as opposed to my question, "Are We There Yet?" has tagged me for a meme! The requirement is to list eight random facts, then tag eight other bloggers to do the same, linking to them, and being sure to tag them in their comment boxes. Too much fun!

Here are my eight:

1. I was born in Rota, Spain, and had dual American/Spanish citizenship status until I was twenty-one, at which time I had to pick my country. It was not hard.
2. I love the color green, in any shade, but I am only really "green" by default; thriftiness is a birthright and a necessity in big Catholic families.
3. My Dad used to call me "Goose" because I was silly, now he just makes this funny face at me.
4. My fingernails have always been very tough, and have always grown long, but never ten at a time. The second I notice they're all even, one breaks.
5. I think Tom Selleck is still a "wubba," even though he's an old man now.
6. There is no food I do not like; it's a miracle I don't weigh 400 lbs.
7. I can correctly spell just about any word you throw at me and give you its definition, but I forget a number the minute it's told me.
8. I love whimsical things... these...

(My three littlest sweeties)
and these...
(On my kitchen counter)
and these...

(Over my stove)

and these...

(Over the computer)

and this guy...

(In the bathroom)

and these...
(On my feet)

So, now, who to tag? Jimminies, I don't know who to ask, because everyone's so busy, and so many already have done a slew of memes recently... No pressure, no worries; I'll understand if these "tagg-ees" decide to sit out, but following are a few of the lovely people I visit on my rounds that I would love to know eight random facts about:

Suzy at Sailing by Starlight, GrandmaK at A Bit of the Blarney, Marie at Memarie Lane, Kim at Starry Sky Ranch, Joanne at Ten Kids and a Dog, my good friend, Terrie, at Mama to Much, Bia at La Dolce Vita, and Alice at A Number of Things.


Marie said...

I've done this one a couple times but I'll see what I can do. I think my husband has that exact gnome, he has 7 from that collection (the one with the basket on his back).

GrandmaK said...

I'll give it my best shot...I have limited resources on the "tagging"...I should "get out more" don't you think? Will get to it when I get home from work...This is a great diversion and test for ME in learning more about who I am. Thanks for your challenge. HUM...who am I?

Bia said...

Thanks for the tag . . . I'll get on it. I'm with you totally on #7 as numbers don't stick with me AT ALL. Is it a wonder that I always hated math in school?

Therese said...

I am the opposite. I remember all our numbers. I have my visa number and medicare number memorized but I am a terrible speller.