Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In honor of my husband...

Who did not feed it to the children, but who, himself, had chocolate cake for breakfast this mornin'.

via videosift.com

Is this the diet you were talking about, honey?

Just wondered.


Gayle said...

Oooh, sounds like somebody is busted!

Bia said...

Here' the thing: my husband has cereal every. day. without. fail. I, on the other hand, would have the chocolate cake!

Marie said...

A chocolate cake diet? Oh I am FOR that!!! LOL.

Personally I love toast and vegemite(I can hear the ewwww lol)

In fun

Marie lol

Soutenus said...

I laughed until I almost cried!

SuzyQ said...

Thankyou, I needed a giggle.

SuzyQ said...

I have stopped posting at Sailingbystarlight but have a new blog @ http://searchingbycandleight.blogspot.com//
You are more than welcome to pop over anytime.
It's more quotes than anything else. And anything else that inspires me!
God Bless

Lisa said...

Glad everyone enjoyed vintage Bill! Isn't that a "skit" a classic? Bill Cosby still cracks me up! And, my wonderful husband... Yeah, he got busted, alright, Gayle! Didn't even bother to put the chocolate- cake-crumb-encrusted plate in the dishwasher where I might not have see it! -gg- We're both struggling to stay on a healthy eating regimen (aka:diet) these days!

Suzie! So glad you have another site! I went over to Sailing by Starlight and was so disappointed to see it no longer up and running at all! I'll be running right over to Searching By Candlelight to visit! &:o)

GrandmaK said...

No matter how many times is listen to or see his work this man makes me laugh...of then uncontrollably. It is really "healing"!!! Thanks!!

Lisa said...

Hey, Suzie, I can't find your site! Is it up and running?

Amy Caroline said...

OH I love that one! I laughed so hard the first time I saw that! And now that I have kids it is ever so much funnier!
I love your blog!

Lisa said...

Amy Caroline ~ Thank-you! I'm so glad you visited!

GrandmaK ~ I'm so glad you got a good giggle out of the video ~ It really brightened my day to find it and see it again, too!