Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In Theaters Near Us

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We're book-aholics. We're also movie people. Total suckers for a good story. The problem is that there are so few new movies we can go see!

Many years ago we dedicated our family to the Holy Name, so, even though it's a compromise suffering it at all, we don't go to movies that use the Lord's Name in vain more than three times. We also stay away from movies with gratuitous violence, immodesty, impurity, and anti-Christian values, in general. Thank goodness for the websites that spell out the moral character of movies, or we'd waste a lot of money walking out of theaters!

But, you see why we don't get to see a lot of movies. Here is a short list of ones we've recently enjoyed, though:

Enchanted: This one comes in just under the wire, due to some pretty immodest dresses the princess wears. But, it's a cute, harmless movie. My wh and I got a kick out of its successful balance on the "camp" tightrope. We loved Amy Adams, one of seven children from Castlerock, Colorado, and think Susan Sarandon has found her perfect role.

Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium: The story comes up a bit lame and unsatisfying, in our opinion, but it's also a harmless fantasy, with some fun visuals. Dustin Hoffman plays a fun, eclectically nutty old fellow; he reminded me a bit of Uncle Albert (Ed Wynn) in Mary Poppins.

The Bee Movie: We enjoyed this flight of fancy. It gave rise to a lot of questions about the real life of bees, and their importance in God's universe. Plus, it was pretty funny and visually entertaining. We like to see Jerry Seinfield using his talents in wholesome ways.

* One of the movies (and books) we absolutely, positively will NOT SEE:

Our moral compass is steering us away from the Golden Compass. Here's a link that details why.

H/T: Raulito, over at Disciple of the Dumb Ox.


Marie said...

We won't be seeing The Golden Compass either. I find it disturbing that some reviews I have read say that they don't see what all the fuss is about, that "most" anti-Christian references have been removed. We all know that obvious references are not always the most damaging, and the worst bits will appear in the sequals anyway. How can a series of books or movies about KILLING GOD not be anti-Christian???

GrandmaK said...

Took Kellie and Neil, our grandkids to see Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium this last weekend. It is a bit flighty but I thought it might have been a lesson in dying if one choses to use it that way. Most of the movies have such violent death scenes in them (and there are parents who do let the kids go unsupervised to those movies, DRAT!)that I felt the serenity with which "Dustin" died made it less frightening perhaps to kids. I may have read more into it than I should have, but I thought maybe explaining dying to a small child might be easier after seeing it. With the proper emphasis on our Christian roots and how THEY apply. Don't know if I explained that very well...

At any rate, I really want to see the Bee Movie...thanks for the critiques!!!

Bill Reichart said...

I do think there were some interesting and redeeming messages in Enchanted, I posted some of my thoughts here:


Bia said...

I received a booklet from the Catholic League about The Golden Compass and we will definitely skip that one. When I was showing my older son what they said, he took it upon himself to e-mail his friends and caution them not to go see it. I was very proud of him. God bless, and hopefully I can see Enchanted over the holidays . . . I just have to borrow my best friend's daughter since my sons are not interested!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your reviews of those three, all of which I had considered pre-viewing for my own kiddos. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Marie~ Yeah, exactly! I'd already heard about the themes and just the TERMINOLOGY used in the movie convinced me immediately that it was "not of God" ~ but then I read about how much worse the books were and was dismayed at how many will be led to read the books by watching the movie(s)!

GrandmaK ~ That's a good point! It's always good to be able to take something out of a movie and "grow" it into a lesson!

Bill ~ I'm heading right over to your place to check that out!

Bia ~ LOL! That's so true about boys and their fear of "girly" things! But, here's a funny thing... My oldest boys have actually really come to appreciate the subtlety of "chick flicks" in their old age ~ a good thing, as it endears them to their girlfriends! They even like Austen movies now!

Raulito ~ It's a tough world out there in the theaters, isn't it? We don't let our kids see anything without pre-viewing it first, either. Some movies that have every appearance of being clean turn out to be just awful!

Marie said...

I good movie that I really liked and I intend to buy the DVD was 'Miss Potter' with Renee zwell(something lol).

It's a really good movie for the family.

I love the movies too but lately there doesnt seem to be many that are pleasant to watch.

Peace to you:)


Marie said...

Did you hear Golden Compass was a complete box office failure? Mwahahahahaha!!!