Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's All Under Control

William to me this afternoon after some goofing around together: "You can be playful sometimes!"
I winced -- because this seems to come to him as a surprise...

He continued, though, as if reading my mind,
 "I know it's hard because grown-ups have to deal with so much stress...

"But we don't have to worry so much because we know you've got it under control."

Dang, I sure hope so!

But check out this little guy.  William Thomas.  We named him for the Will of God, this crazy, charming, perceptive kid.

Has he got it figured out, or what?  We all have stress of some kind or another. It's the human condition.  If life on earth were perfect, what sense would there be in striving for heaven, right?  Still, I'm sorry my stress is so obvious to my nine-year-old.   But I'm relieved -- and humbled -- in his confidence.  No question in his mind that his Daddy and Mommy have everything under control.  He can play; he doesn't have to worry. Thank goodness!

That's how it should be.  We can't shield our children from everything, and we do them a disservice by trying. A nine-year-old certainly doesn't need to know the details of our bank account, or the prognoses of loved ones' illnesses, but he should know when a situation needs prayers, he should be taught compassion for others in need or trouble.  He should know that the world is not a perfect place, but that God is perfect and heaven, our real home, is perfect with no troubles, no worries. And he should know that his parents are taking care of him, as Our Heavenly Father takes care of all of us.

As --  Just as He's taking care of me, in all my stress.  I need a good dose of William's perfect confidence.  The good God has everything more under control for me than I do for anyone!

Seriously. What am I worried about?  God's got it. I can go play.


Natalie said...

A great reminder. It is so good you have him. 😊

Lisa said...

It's no accident that this little guy came along when he did. God knows just the tonic for each stage of our lives, doesn't he? ;)

auntie said...

Out of the mouths of babes!