Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tune Fads

Since we have several pianists around here -- and those who aren't keyboard proficient are musically opinionated -- we've come to have "Tune Fads" around here.  Song obsessions.  Some melodies come and go pretty quickly -- like adaptations of pop tunes; they come and go.  But others become part of the fabric of the family -- like Claire de Lune, Mirkwood, the themes from October Sky and To Kill a Mockingbird...  But, you just never know which ones will have staying power.

In the last few weeks, the girls have gotten hold of the themes to Up and Nemo, and the lullaby from Dumbo... I'm thinking they'll be keepers!  And then there's this little ditty, which has become a frequent request around here:

How'd you like that little exchange at the beginning there?  ;) Just a little bit o' home for you big kids and far away family -- and to save for posterity.  This girlish giggling, I'm sure to miss someday...

But, the tune?  Didn't you love that?  See why this one keeps coming back around?  Were you tapping your foot like I was while she played? I love having a soundtrack to our lives!  And this one is a happy one that rather seems to describe our lives right now.  Fun with a teeny little backdrop of drama.  Or vice versa? That works for me. If I start hearing dirges or requiems I may start worrying -- but that's not likely, I don't imagine, with this crazy bunch.

Is there a "soundtrack" at your house?  What would you choose if you could?

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auntie said...

Reminds me of when all my piano players were home. I miss them so much that, (don't let on) I might even invite a playing of Ode to Joy and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring! (after six in piano those two tunes became banned in this house!) Now MK is the only musician left and she is away so often that her playing is a rare thing.