Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Are You Doing Right Now?

Whatever you're doing: drop it -- and follow Cathy.  This is what you need to be doing today.

Past the old trucks and the "Tolkien Tree"...

Under its wide generous branches. You can stop for a minute to take a climb, if you want...

Now you're back down?  Check out the little round grave marker for "Baron." (We assume Baron was a dog, but the mythology around here has developed a whole other story...)

Now, then, follow down this way -- through the meadow past the old studio...

There's Gabe up there.  Follow him down this path.  Look out for stinging nettle!

See how the nettle grows a bit thick through here?  Not a good place for flipflops and shorts!

But the path gets friendlier over the hill.  The grass is soft and green here.  

Now...  Up and around this bend...

See that dark thicket?  The creek runs down under there.

And children run down under there, too...

Because this is where the tree swing is.

 Take your turn?  If you don't make it to the other side, there's a soft wet landing underneath!

Can you think of anything better to do on a Wednesday afternoon in May, though?  Fun, free, and good for your heart.  You can have a snooze in the grass to dry off afterward.  You're welcome any time!

OK.  You can get back to work now.  Or have another swing.  :)  Your choice.

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Karla Lawrence said...

My kids would love this! I arrive Saturday in Omaha. I have all day Sunday after church, except for the graduation. So lovely!