Friday, May 8, 2015

Picture This

Dan bought me a really good camera on our 24th wedding anniversary, my Nikon D7000, and  I love my Nikon, but it's been through the ringer.  Three times now, it's been knocked down or jostled and the (poorly designed, plastic) lens mount has snapped. (We blame Nikon, not the clumsy folks using the Nikon, of course... ;) Thankfully, it's an inexpensive piece to replace! But it's a bugger to do the actual job.  The pieces are tiny; it's precision work.  My brother, Steve (bless his heart), fixed it once -- and if I recall properly, Dominic's fixed it twice now.  Most recently a few weeks ago, as a parting gift before moving back to Denver.

Thank-you, Dominic.  We can finally picture Nebraska properly.  And share it with everyone else!

 I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed...  but it makes my heart glad to have been able to post the recent pictures of spring coming to life here in Nebraska -- because they were taken with the Nikon -- and, though I'll never be anything but a hack photographer, I'm afraid, the Nikon makes just about anything look good.  Check it out. Below are some of the first photos we took to test out the lens mount -- just random shots around the house.  They came out better than the most beautiful scenery or carefully worked portrait we took with the little camera we'd been using while the Nikon was out of commission.

Did I say thank-you, Dominic?  I really really do love having my camera back.

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