Monday, March 9, 2015

Simple Woman Monday

What I'm hearing...  William grinding coffee beans in the kitchen. Bless him!

Outside my window...  Most of the snow is melted and the driveway is a muddy moat.  But the robins have arrived!  And the cardinals.  And the finches.  And I don't know who all else yet.  But the morning is full to bursting with birdsong.  If you can hear it over the coffee beans being ground.,
(Right now I'd rather hear coffee coming than birds, though...)

What I'm wearing...  A black tee and sweater with a long multicolored floaty gypsy skirt -- that I'm
going to be tripping over all day.  (Why do I do this to myself?)

What I'm thinking...  It's going to be a busy couple of weeks! I need to gear up body, mind, and spirit.

What I'm learning...  How to accept comings and goings. How to expect them.

What I'm hoping... That the buds start popping out on the millions of trees and shrubs all around our house -- and that we don't have any more serious cold snaps, but can enjoy the world greening in peace and relative warmth!

What I'm working on...  Springifying our house to match the spring-like weather this week (it's been in the 60s!) Also, getting the house straightened and beds ready for an influx of visitors over the next week or so (Kevin, his friend, Ina, and Dominic tonight, and Michelle -- and who knows who else -- next week.)

What I'm planning...  Finishing getting June packed to move back home to Western Colorado on Wednesday.  After 2+ years having her as our resident "grandma," she's ready to go back to the town of her birth and try living on her own again.  I'm planning on keeping a close eye from  here on how she's doing -- but prayers on her behalf are kindly requested!

From the mouths of Little Boys...  "I just love Fiddler on the Roof.  I mean, Tevye -- He can sing and he can dance and he talks to God...  On the other hand... he's big and tough and...  manly!" This from Gabe last night after watching Fiddler for the first time.  Definitely a manly musical.

From the mouth of Tevye... "As the good Book says, if you spit in the air, it lands on your face." (If that's not a quote a little boy would appreciate, I don't know what is.)

Some picture thoughts for today...

Gabe: all ten years old, all boy.
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