Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bored? Part I: The Road Trip

Good heavens. but this past week and a half have been busy!  So busy I have to share in a series of posts. In a nutshell, though:after Miss June moved out last Wednesday to return to her old stomping grounds on the western slope of Colorado, we did a bedroom switcheroo, painting and decorating a new "spare room" just in time to fill up the house with guests. Because there was a big wedding in town last weekend, we got to see Michelle and Kevvy and his girl, Ina -- and pretty much everyone we know, in and out, back and forth, stuffed into the nooks and crannies of the house. It was great. :) I'll pull all those pictures together tomorrow probably.

But, second things first here... Wednesday of this week, the girls and I drove to Denver for Michelle's Denver Bridal Shower -- which is a whole other subject -- and a whole other post!  But, leaving the little boys behind with Dominic...  we set out on the eight hour trek across the prairies -- driving out on Wednesday, then coming back on Thursday. (Oh, my aching back!).  

Here are some photos of the boredom on the way... For your consideration: Three girls, some plastic spoons, an apple -- and a camera.

These two nuts (Cathy and Anna, with Theresa as photographer)


Apple + Vegges =


Apple in Hair

Apple on Foot
Apple in Hand

Channeling Snow White

Apple with Mom

Apple with Sunset

Apple Closed in Window

And now...  what three boys left at home with a camera (actually, Dominic's phone camera!) do with boredom:

Are these guys crazy, or what?

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