Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mr Coffee

 As soon as he was big enough to take on the job, our morning bird, hopped-to morning coffee detail.  Crack of dawn, the smell of coffee drifts through the house and we know our youngest boy is up and at 'em.  This kid.  He even makes a mean bulletproof -- blender and all.  Then brings it to me every morning, first thing.  Sometimes before I'm ready to get up, bless him.

My William.  He never fails me.

He told me so himself this morning when I thanked him.  "I never fail you!" he says -- with a pause...

 "Except once."

"How's that?" I ask

"Once I started everything and forgot to put the pot back under."

"Uh oh," I said.  You see, our particular coffee pot doesn't have the "pause" feature that stops the brewing when the pot is removed.

"It was a coffee disaster," he recounts, and warming up to his story, he perches on the side of my bed.  "It took fifteen paper towels -- and they were all dark brown when I was finished.  And two towels -- also dark brown.  You'll find those in the laundry room."

"Seriously?" I ask, not remembering seeing these towels.  "How recently did this happen?"

"Very  recently."

I raise my eyebrows as I lift my cup of BPC to my lips.  "Like... when?"

"Like: just now."

Ha!  Caught!  Little stinker.  He says he cleaned it all up.  But we all know how well this little baristo cleaned up that coffee mess, don't we? =sigh=  But, it's all good.  It's a small price to pay for free coffee delivery and this happy smile in the morning.

I guess I'll go check out the damages.  As soon as I finish this cuppa coffee here.  I have a full day ahead of me.  Seeds to get started and set out to germinate.  And I started a part-time job at an antiques store down the road, so have to go to work this afternoon.  More on that later!

But for now.  Hope everyone's day starts out with smiles and no spilled coffee!  Happy Saturday, everyone!  Can you believe we're finally w
arming up to start Holy Week! Hope everyone's is blessed and fruitful.

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