Saturday, March 21, 2015

Catching Up -- Part II: The Gatherings

Last Friday
(The day before the big wedding everyone came to town to attend.)

L-R: Theresa, Rafi, Kevvy, Dominic, Gabe, Anna, Brenda, Omar at breakfast
Dominic and Michelle horsing around.
Kevin and Ina
Omar, Michelle, Brenda (and half of Ina..  Sorry, Ina!)
Dominic and Cathy

 Last Sunday After Laetari Sunday Mass
(At the Park Downtown)

Mostly girls, this shot (boys all  down at the bottom).  Left to Right: Bridget V., Mikki, Monica F., Cathy, Carolina B. Theresa, Olivia S., Anna, William, Sophie, Michelle, me, Frater Philip, Gabe, and Dan

Michelle, Omar, Kevvy
Dan and almost me.

BFFs since they were born:  Brenda and Michelle
Believe it or not -- also longtime besties: Frater Philip and Omar mugging for the camera
On the pedestrian bridge that spans the Missouri River.
Our three girls in front: Anna, Theresa, Michelle.
Behind them: Dominic and Dan (and a slew of others!)
When you stand on this "manhole," and talk or sing, you sound vibratey...
William trying it out, with Anna, me, Theresa, Dominic, Murena V.,
Cathy's head, and Frater Philip.
The front of half, the back of half.  (Don't ask me why.  I don't know.)
The boys (most of them, anyway)...Bottom - top and Left - right: Austin E., Kevvy, Omar, Dan -- Joseph B.,Dominic, Frater Philip -- John D., Gabriel -- William (the ham!)
*  Many thanks to Omar and Dominic for sharing these photos with me!  I didn't have a camera with me on this excursion!

Michelle's Bridal Shower
( This past Wednesday. Hosted by her Aunt Nina in Denver)

The four sisters together with Ina
(Anna, Michelle, Cathy, Theresa)
Shelly, with the Fanny Farmer Cookbook we gave her. She grew up with
the recipes in this book, as this was one of the few gifts from my
bridal shower that I still have and use all the time.  We also gave her
all the tools she'll need to get into her new kitchen and do some baking for
Ben.  We will be expecting her to send us a package of cookies some time
this summer.  (Eh, Shell?)
I took a bazillion pictures of Michelle opening gifts; I couldn't possible share them
 all (and you'd get sick of  'em right quick!), but thought this one was cute, with
 the flipflop card (so Michelle!) -- especially in light of the "foot picture" below...
Couldn't possibly identify all of these feet -- except for those closest to the camera,
and those are most definitely Anna's.

A wonderful time was had by all -- and Michelle is very pleased to report that her newlywed kitchen will be admirably stocked.  Our loving gratitude to all the dear friends and family who came to the shower, were so very generous -- and who made the party so much fun!  Special thanks to Aunt Nina for hosting, too.  Everything was perfect!

And, since I have nothing more to add (just at the moment, anyway)...

(But, be warned...  I'll be back!)

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