Friday, March 6, 2015

7 ThingsThis Week

...that have made me smile, chortle, giggle, snort, or guffaw:

1) The Lady 

-- the grandma-age lady with a hoodie pulled up over her head and dark sunglasses on her face -- walking into the police station in the small town near our home -- carrying two six packs of beer. There's a story there I just know it. (I almost stopped to ask.)

St. Nicholas was the tree that Arius
ran right smack into.
2) "And he didn't see the tree until he smacked right into it!"  

William's way of saying that he thought the heretic, Arius, not only couldn't see the forest, but couldn't see the trees, either. I love the way this nine-year-old brain works!  He cracks me up -- and makes me think!

3)  Silly Me
...for protesting (at first) Gabe's burning desire to buy a broken Nerf Machine Gun at the thrift store the other day. Why waste $2.99 on a broken toy? Seriously, Gabe? 
The owner of this blog does not endorse gratuitous violence.
Except when it doesn't make a mess and nobody ends up crying.
Gabriel pretending to shoot William; William pretending to
cower in fright.  All part of a normal morning here.

But, hmmm...  Wait. Broken Nerf guns only shoot pretend Nerf bullets. Nothing I like better than pretend Nerf bullets lying all around the house! No mess, no siblings complaining about being shot in the eye, no ducking them, myself.  Happy Mommy.  

O.K., kiddo!  Go right ahead and buy yourself a broken toy!  So, he did; Gabe bought that $2.99 broken Nerf gun with his own money out of his own little wallet. And you know what? Both little boys have gotten more mileage out of that Nerf gun over the last couple of days, you just wouldn't believe it. Never measure another's enjoyment by your own dull light -- especially if you're too old to remember the better reality of make-believe. I remember now, though.  Silly me.

           4) This
Bless me, Father for I have sinned: I snarled at the children when I was hungry
and blamed it on Lent.  :/  Yeah.  True story.  But I'm working on it, I promise.

5) The Lewis Chessmen

Played as a knight, this "Warder," also called a
"Berserker," was known for his wild "trance-like"
rage during battle.  As you probably guessed, we
get the term "berserk" from these fellows. Look at

him, though.  Isn't he hysterical?
Discovered on a beach in Scotland in 1830, these fascinating and comical chess pieces were likely crafted by Scandinavian craftsman in the late 12th or early 13th century.  They're between 2.5 and 4 inches tall and are carved from walrus tusks.  No one knows how they came to buried on Ulg beach in Lewis, Scotland, but it seems that they were purposely deposited there, the chief repository appearing to have been within a small "drystone" chamber.  In all, there were found 93 game pieces, 78 of which were chess men -- and they are charming. They make me giggle.  We have to have some of these guys! 

Unfortunately, though, set of small chess pieces and a simple board is app $80 (American money)... Dernit.  But laughing at this crazy guy is free!

* Check out the interactive site explaining all about the history of these chess pieces -- and be sure and show the kids the free games!  Too much fun and lots of good learning here for all of us.  That always makes me smile!

          6) And This

Just bought the Brave soundtrack for my laptop playlist.

Sarah Bareilles' "Brave" is a great one to belt out, but "Touch the Sky" is a fun one, too.  Can you just see me flinging out the Summer Kitchen door, kids, dancing through the garden singing this?  No?  ;)  Maybe once the snow melts out that side of the house.  Ya never know.  Spring is upon us!

7) Our Sweet Evelyn

Evie turned one on March 4th!  Look at that face!  How could you not smile at that? Especially if you get to be the grandmother of  all that sweetness! 

I'm a grandmother? What's with that? (Still pinching myself over
Paul and Shelly -- the first two married
Davis kids (or soon to be): our oldest son
and our oldest daughter, though there are
three unmarried brothers between them.
They  look a bit alike, don't they? Had
a hankering to see their faces...  So here
they are.  Which makes me smile, too.
this...) Two sweet grandbabies thanks to Paul and Nicole, though -- and surely more to come.  Michelle's getting married in June, and that's only two out of the ten setting up to manufacture grandbabies for me.  All that scrumptious wonderfulness and I don't have to go through labor and delivery to get it!  Woot!  We are so blessed in our children and grand-

* For lots of smiles and peeks into other blog windows this morning, run over to Kelly's at This Ain't the Lyceum.

*Oh, and one last reason to smile:


Renee said...

Thank you for #5, my kids enjoys chess.

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

We LOOOOOOOOVE Julie Fowlis. My girls have even purchased some of her Scottish folk music and they love that too, even though they can't understand a word of it.

Nicole said...

That chess set! Top of my list of presents to surprise my husband with!

Katie said...

Not only a story, but probably a fascinating story for #1 ... and the meme in #4 is so funny! ahahaha!

Amy P said...

Just found you blog recently and have been enjoying it immensely! From a fellow Nebraskan traditional mother (who lives in the boonies in a 100 year old farm house!)>