Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anna Banana

Anna, Anna, Banana
Banana Fana Fo Fanna
Fee Fi Mo Manna --

Seven Years Old Today!

(Back online, btw... &:o)


Diana said...

Lisa, I remember the name game ! I loved that as a child. Happy birthday to your Anna!
Love Di

Linda Higgins said...

Wow! I had all the girls in the office doing the JIVE and the name game dance! What a BLAST FROM THE PAST! My mother use to line all of us kids up in the living room when American Band Stand was on the air and she would make 2 lines and each child would take their turn going down the center of the line and do the little dance! She was such a music fan and LOVED American Band Stand! thanks for the memories...ohhh that just aged me! smiles....

abroadermark said...

Now THAT is one cute seven year old! Happy birthday to your sweet Anna Banana. And it's good to meet you, Lisa, Lisa, Bo-Bisa! :D