Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Hallow's Eve and All Saints' Day Shenanigans

The high speed capture of Busy Bee Domesticus in mid-flight.
This rare still photo shows him liting for a split second.  Note the blur of the limbs prepared for instantaneous departure.

(William, sick with the croup, and stranded at home with me and the other sickies on Sunday morning, due to the three foot drift still unmelted on our long driveway, did not attend a party in honor of either day.  The outfit you see here was donned in the course of every day events...)

And Here are the Big Kids' Costumes for their respective parties.
Kevvy and Alena:
Banshee and a Haradrin (a creature from LOTR)

(Such a handsome son I have...)

Paul , Nicole, and friend
(Paul went as a WWII soldier, Nicole as a friend of William's -- as above, and I think the friend's name is Jeff...)

Theresa, one of the few half-way well children we have just now went to the All Saints' Day party after Mass this morning, dressed as St. Thrasilla, stumped everyone, and won Best Presentation.  (Yay, Theresa!)  But, I didn't get to go and forgot to send my camera, doggone it.  While everyone else was at Mass this morning, the rest of the sickies and I watched Song of Bernadette, and the life of St. John Bosco in honor of the Feast of All Saints.

How did you spend your weekend?

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