Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time to start...

... a novena to St. Joseph in order to end on his feastday, May 1st!
(Can you believe April is this close to being over already?)

Lots of things to commend to dear St. Joseph's hands these days. I'm remembering my husband, whose labor all these years has sustained our family so well ~ and I'm asking St. Joseph for his continued aid for my husband in the coming storms. And for my own improved industriousness and efficiency...

(Can you ask for too many things on the coattails of one novena, I wonder?)

Because I also want to ask prayers for St. Joseph's powerful intercession for the Universal Church.

And a word for all the Josephs in our life
(That's you, Paul, Gabe, and Grandpa!)...

St. Joseph, Patron of Workers

(Feast – May 1)


Model of all who are devoted to toil,

Obtain for me the grace to toil
In the spirit of penance,

In order thereby to atone
For my many sins;

To toil conscientiously,
Putting devotion to duty

Before my own inclinations;

To labor with thankfulness and joy,

Deeming it an honor
To employ and to develop by my labor

The gifts I have received from Almighty God;

To work with order,

Peace, moderation and patience,

Without ever shrinking

From weariness and difficulties;

To work, above all,

With a pure intention

And with detachment from ourselves,

Having always before my eyes

The hour of death

And the accounting

Which I must then render

Of time ill-spent,

Of talents unemployed,

Of good undone

And of empty pride in success,

Which is so fatal to the work of God.

All for Jesus,

All through Mary,

All in imitation of you,

O Patriarch Joseph!

This shall be my motto

In life and in death.

H/T: Esther, whom I sincerely thank for the reminder!


Kim H. said...

You can never pray for too many things, Lisa! Speaking of St. Joseph -- house the house stuff coming along?

(BTW, if you add your e-mail to your google profile, I can respond to your lovely comments each time you leave one...hint, pressure...I'm just always tickled when you stop by, so I just want to acknowledge that I appreciate YOU! You are an awesome MOM and such an inspiration!)

Lisa said...

Kim ~ Thanks for asking ~ and commenting ~ you are SO nice!

I don't know if you happened on the post, but we decided to stay put ~ for the time being, at least. After assessing all our pros and cons, we figured we are better off right where we are, regardless of all the headaches. So, now we're fixing the house up for ourselves, instead of for a potential buyer! Which is really a much nicer, less stressful situation all the way around. (Can you detect the relief, mixed with wistfulness there?)

Thank-you, too, for mentioning that my e-mail isn't on my profile ~ I really didn't realize it wasn't, and I also didn't know that my profile wasn't public! I could've sworn it was... So, I fixed that and made sure my e-mail was on it. Thanks for the heads up ~ And thanks for your kind words (I needed them this morning, so your comment was a Godsend!) ~ and I'm always so thrilled to hear from YOU! &:o)