Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Monkey Tale

In which Lester, the stuffed monkey, has an adventure and Gabey learns not to stand under trees and throw his toys in the air.

All's well that ends well.


MightyMom said...

so who climbed the tree to rescue lester??

I have a pic of a dog laying on top of the ceiling fan blade....great place for a nap, says the boy who WASN'T taking his nap but rather throwing his toys up in the air :-)

Laura said...

The face says it all.
Such glee.

Kim H. said...

Resourceful little buggers....was that a piece of gutter???? I love it!!! And yes, the face does say it all -- and Lisa may I just say it looks that you have a little slice of heaven out there in the West?!!!!!


Bia said...

Wow. That was some throw!

Lisa said...

MM ~ That was Michelle ~ tree-climber, monkey-rescuer Extraordinaire. &:o)

Laura ~ I should have gotten a picture of the big frown he started with, so I'd have a before and after shot. &:o)

Kim ~ (ggl) That WAS a piece of gutter. They started out using a broom, which was too short, so they threw it and it got stuck in the branches, too (Did you ever see IQ? It was like that...) Then they found the gutter pipe. &:o)

And, thank-you! It looks nice now that things are greening up! It's usually pretty tan and brown out here. I hope we don't have drought this year.

Bia ~ The story, as told to me this morning by the girls, which I did not know yesterday, as I came upon the incident after the monkey was already in the tree is (breath) that Michelle was actually the one throwing the monkey, at Gabriel's request. Apparently, he was urging her to throw it as high as she could ~ so they were accomplices. (Poor ole Lester...)

GrandmaK said...

What a grand story...ours here was always the Frisbee on the roof...Have a grand day! Cathy

Ouiz said...

I am stunned HOW MANY TIMES my children do this very thing. They fling toys all over the place, and then get upset when they get stuck in the tree.

Why? WHY?


I'm glad your children were able to get the stuffed animal down!!!