Monday, April 13, 2009

Neat things I've found in my post-Lenten online wanderings

* Check out this beautiful blue teacup stationary from Alice at A Number of Things.

*The free bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee you just might win here.

* The cool stuff you could get at Michael's with the 40% off coupon that can be printed from here.

* The dilemma of deciding which you like better: Cheese cake or Tiramasu

* This cute garden plant marker craft (pictured at right) and free download from Craft Jr. and these instructions for decoupage garden markers.
* And all these fun ideas to turn gardening into art and science for the children.
*The free online books and illustrations at Project Gutenberg.
* This Know Your States game. (A game you can probably beat your kids playing if, like me, you've done a little traveling and taught 5th grade US Geography a few times!)
* These goofy games on the Psych site. (Which my kids beat me playing because they're quicker and more game savvy than I am...)


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Hubby and I are huge Psych fans! James Roday and I went to rival high schools and I saw him perform in one of his first theater productions in a high school one-act play competition.

Eileen said...

Lisa, these links are great! Thanks!! (I even have the glass pebbles on hand for making the garden markers!!!)

MightyMom said...

too fun, but I stink at geography and no amount of traveling seems able to help me

your rosary tutorial is moving up to the top of my list....I have not forgotten you.

Soutenus said...

These are wonderful finds! I am loving the states game!

Bia said...