Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Elves

And More Spring Elves

Major construction being done on the pond. Looks like a war zone!

Look what we found at the bottom.

These are the mortal remains of two (and approximately one quarter) of the boys' army guys. When our first four boys (now all teenagers and beyond) were little, they just loved these guys. Threw them out of the tops of trees, crushed them under the wheels of bikes, drowned them in the bottom of the pond... Each one of them had specific name, rank, and character that even their mother was aware of. They were called things like Chicken Man and Irish Guy and happily suffered and gave their little plastic lives for the good of the little boy cause. What memories of my boys' childhood flooded back when I saw these bits and pieces!

Loved as only a little boy can love an action figure, the bottom of the pond may actually have been the most fitting resting place for them. We'll have to have a solemn reinterment before we finish pond reconstruction. Maybe the boys can sing a funeral dirge.

They'd like that.


GrandmaK said...

Oh, my!!! I just want the crack in my lily pond mended! Than doesn't even compare with you task at hand! My best to you all! Cathy

MightyMom said...

other than exhuming veterans from their burial at sea.....WHAT are you doing to that poor pond???

Bia said...

Oh, it's good to be back...I've missed visiting. I am sitting here with a cappuccino and plan on visiting a while...I need to catch up!

I love those army men you found at the bottom of the pond, and I'm amazed that they're still in pretty good shape!

Lisa said...

Cathy, MM ~ We had a hole in the liner ~ and are redoing the whole thing, this time with "hand-slapped" concrete, with pebbles embedded. It seems we have too many children who are inclined to walk around in the pond, which causes rips in the the rubber liners. Dominic is taking on the concrete part when he gets back from school for summer vacation ~ and is re-doing the river and waterfall leading to it, too. We'll see how it goes...

Bia ~ isn't it funny that they survived? They've been down there for at least five years, maybe more, but it seems that they were somewhat preserved because they made their way into the dirt under the liner.

ABBEY said...

Found you via Soutenous and am enjoying reading! Saw that you were to have your largest spring snow ever (:p) - WOW!